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Today we fly you out to Germany to take a look at a log cabin for the modern age. This very charming and warm house is situated on the outskirts of a residential area in Mühlhausen, Germany, a small town in the district of Unstrut-Hainich-Kreis with a population of about 33,000.

The Haus S is a project dreamed up by K2 Architects, a German firm known for impressive contemporary designs of residential buildings. They wanted to build a structure which takes into account the natural surroundings, and especially the view from the plot on which the house is situated. The result of this endeavour is a large and lovely wooden structure that blends with its surroundings and harmonises with nature.

We are sure that you will find a home that is eclectic in style, inspired by simplicy, and warm on all accounts. If you're not convinced, you should definitely join us to find out for yourself!

Generous appearance

Our first encounter with the Haus S is in the low-light of dusk, and it beckons us from a distance with its warmly-coloured facade and natural elements. The warm ligting on the exterior walls, resonating from the interior, and incorporated into to the landscape, all convey a sense of generosity, welcoming guests to the residence.

This building was made from scratch for this project, and it consists of a wooden structure with a massive concrete core. This allowed the architects to get the soft, traditional look of the wood, while still having a super-strong and resistant inner structure. 

The windows are all glazed to regulate temperature within the house and to ensure cost-effective insulation. 

Spatial planning

The entire house is surrounded by a terrace on all sides, allowing a strong connection with the outdoors, and easy indoor-to-outdoor transitions, whether it be for recreation, relaxation, or entertainment.

As the architects wanted to take into account the relationship of the building to the environment, and there had to think carefully about the spatial arrangement of the plot. For this reason, the land is divided between a southern ornamental garden and a northern, more economic garden. 

Here we can see the southern side of the garden, which is clearly ornamental. Large river rocks have been stacked upon another around a small pond, creating a lovely scene punctuated by indigenous plants. 

Open interiosr

The most interesting fact of the interior of the Haus S, is that it has practically no inner walls. This was planned in order that the home may feel open and inviting to all, only sectioning off areas where it is necessitated, such as with the loft. However, even the loft is not completely sequestered!

Whereas the exterior facade of the home looks just like a monolithic block, the interior is a collage of different spaces and details. 

The house takes up a floor area of 240 square meters, which allows ample space to live in. In this image we can see how the ’rooms’ are divided from one another by the use of specific furniture and colours schemes that is particular to a certain area. 

Wooden details

On the exterior of the home we have already seen the importance of the usage of wood. Not only does it bring an age-old charm to a residence, it also resonates with the natural environment. So, as it is outside, so it is in the interior of the home. Timber is used generously throughout the house, and the architects made use of a light-coloured species that retains the traditional qualities of wood while looking more neutral and modern.

In this image we can see that the flooring on all levels of the home consists of timber, and so does the staircase and structure that supports the loft space. Looking at this a bit more closely, we can see how the carpenter has sculpted the different elements of the staircase in such a way that the grain of the wood creates a sense of movement and dynamism. 

For more wooden home inspiration, take a look at this project.

Luxury and simplicity

To the right of the image we see a small ancillary building on the plot, in the same style of the main house. This little addition is a very welcome one indeed. It is, in fact, a sauna house, and who wouldn't want a luxury like this right on their doorstep?! It seems like the Haus S has a lot more than you expect, and can be a perfect urban retreat. 

The sauna house is connected to the main building by a wrap-around deck system, which ensures not only a physical connection between the two entities, but also a continuation of the design style throughout the project. It also results in a protected area here on the north side of the building, sheltered from harsh wind and weather. 

Here we can also see the southern part of the garden—the side that is more economic. As we can see, the back yard is pretty simple, consisting only of a lawn area. This is a great place for kids to play, without the danger of falling of rocks that exist in the front garden!

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