6 extension ideas to maximise your bedroom

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KMMA architects Modern style bedroom
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Transforming your bedroom into a great place is something everybody wants. The bedroom is your sanctuary where you can rest and relax and most of all recharge your body and mind. You can do more with your bedroom to make it bigger and this goes beyond décor. With the help of experts like FRANCOIS MARAIS ARCHITECTS, clients will get the best designs and structures for their properties. Their services include alterations, new designs, interior design, and architectural services available in their exclusive packages.

In this ideabook, we take a look at some bedroom extension ideas featuring balconies. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to the smell of fresh air, beautiful views of a garden, mountain, or sea for that matter and not forgetting all that delightful natural light coming in? However, before having a balcony installed on your property, you need to bear some things in mind:

  1. Will your neighbours’ privacy be invaded with your “looming” balcony? 
  2. Will your balcony be creating shade on your property leading to moisture buildup? 
  3. Will your balcony suit the property or will it stand out like a “sore thumb”? 
  4. Is it safe to put it where you want it?

Skilled architects will help you narrow down all the factors that influence your plans for building a balcony to your bedroom. If anything, they’re able to help you with things such as complying with building regulations in the area, taking care of safety and aesthetic aspects.  

1. Overlooking the garden and spacious outdoors

Francolin Road. homify Eclectic style houses Concrete Grey

It’s especially great if you have a bedroom balcony extension that overlooks your garden. If you’re fortunate to boast lush gardens, and a large backyard, then why not take all of this in from an elevated viewpoint?   

2. Taking in the hilltops

If your home is located high, you’ll definitely enjoy some gorgeous hilltop and possible mountainous views. Just as seen in this picture, even the flooring extending from the balcony to the room blends well without taking away from the character.

3. Double volume doors and splendid views

The modern Camps Bay home with a 12 Apostles view FRANCOIS MARAIS ARCHITECTS Balcony Grey

The modern Camps Bay home with a 12 Apostles view


This double volume door extension to the balcony welcomes the generous natural lighting into your bedroom. This bedroom also has a good view of the iconic Twelve Apostles Mountain located in Cape Town.  

4. If it's modern you want, then modern you'll get

Bedroom balcony extensions are perfect for any modern or contemporary home. With that said, this picture is the perfect embodiment of modern. It features beautiful lights, artificial grass instead of regular flooring and sleek outdoor furniture to finish the look.  

5. The perfect serene retreat

ARRCC Modern balcony, veranda & terrace

This large bedroom balcony extension is the perfect picture of serenity. It overlooks the ocean and has plenty of room for mindful meditation and yoga whilst enjoying the natural sunlight.   

6. Bedroom extension into the garden

This bedroom extension may not feature a balcony like the rest, but simply opening up the bi-folding doors into the beautiful gardens are enough to set the tone for joy and the feeling of being revitalised.

Have a look at this ideabook and learn how to add a second storey to your house!

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