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The sensible approach to your attic conversion

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Do you ever sit in your home and think about all the untapped potential that your roof has to offer? Maybe you have an attic space that could be turned into something phenomenal if you only knew where to start and how to go about it? Well, this article is most definitely for you.

We believe that attic spaces are often some of the loveliest rooms in the house, mostly because they have to be so well thought out. With this in mind we have devised our very own step-by-step guide to turn your languishing loft into an awesome attic!

Think about the height

Before you even try to get going on a attic conversion, measure, measure and measure the space again. You need to know exactly how much height you have to work with otherwise you might end up with an unusable space that you can't ever stand up in.

This fantastic attic, featured by PA Fitted Furniture, is a constant source of inspiration for us but if you have a shallower pitch to your roof you might find that it would be impossible to emulate this style of room. Always plan to your own dimensions!

Look into the legalities

Attic conversions might be fairly commonplace these days but that doesn't mean that you don't need to look into planning permission, building regulations and any other legislation that could prove to be a real killjoy. Your neighbour may have done something similar but that doesn't automatically mean that you can.

When proposing a design be sure that you have taken neighbours and houses that you overlook fully into account as it is often one of these people that will raise a complaint or even try to block a development. If you have the law on your side that's one thing but you don't want to fall out with people either.

Plan your skylights

We know that  there must be attic conversions out there that don't have skylights in them but what a waste that seems to us. With the roof being the only thing between a loft room and the sky, we think adding some windows is the perfect way to connect with the outside world.

Attics can be so bright and airy thanks to the direct access to sunlight so think about where you might be placing furniture, what the room will be used for and how much light you will need. From there you can choose the right size, style and number of skylights.

Make sure it will be warm

You will, of course, know that lofts are where most people put a large amount of insulation in order to keep the house warm and energy efficient so what do you do when you complete an attic conversion? Where does all the insulation go then?

The best way to ensure you remain energy efficient is to include insulating panels up on the ceiling itself. This is easier than it sounds as it is available in sheets, allowing for a smooth and undetectable finish. This will be a particularly important step if the attic is destined to be used as a bedroom.

Consider sound proofing

South Crown Street Bedroom homify Modern style bedroom

South Crown Street Bedroom


You might be wondering what we plan to do with an attic conversion if we are suggesting installing sound proofing but bear with us! Don't you think that a loft space would make the ideal band rehearsal space? Or even a fun games den? Well, neither of those will be a quiet room so why not deaden the sound?

Sound proofing benefits everyone so if you live on a noisy street or have nesting birds up on your roof, it will be a good idea to install some proofing materials up in your loft while you transform it. Prevention is better than cure and a neighbour dispute!

Connect electricity and water

To make your new attic conversion really adaptable we think it makes sense to ensure a reliable and safe electricity and water supplies. Not everyone will want to create a loft home spa but now we've seen this picture it's all we can think about!

If you turn your loft into an extra bedroom, we think a small toilet or en suite will always be a great addition and really free up a lot of family bathroom time and prevent queues.

For more attic inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: You Can Transform Your Attic Into A Reading Room. A library in your home? Yes please!

Are you thinking about converting your attic? What would you use the space for? We'd love to hear your ideas in the comments!

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