5 amazing benefits of hiring an architect to design your home

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Designing the home of your dreams takes more than simply having an idea. It takes careful planning, creativity, and the mastermind of a seasoned architect.

When it comes to staying on-trend with property designs, the team of architects keeps their finger on the pulse of what’s new and trending. Francoise Marais Architects is one of Johannesburg’s leading firms in the industry. With more than 20 years of service in the architectural niche, the company continues to grow from strength to strength providing only the best for their clients. The professional team specialises in engineering, architectural design, interior designing as well as alterations. Clients can also choose a package (Platinum, Gold, Silver) to suit their budget. 

Today we are going to name five reasons why you should hire an architect for your house project and why you would benefit from the decision!

1. They know what you need and understand your lifestyle

Having a professional team on your side that not only know what they’re doing but totally understand what your needs are is nothing short of amazing!

Hiring an expert means that you can enjoy professional input and advice as well as someone that will create a place suitable to your lifestyle. You want your home to reflect who you are and also be the sanctuary you come to for tranquility and unwinding from a stressful day. 

Professional architects often works closely with their clients to get a complete understanding of what is expected and to deliver great results. In this way, everyone is happy.  

2. Working with your budget

When it comes to building your home, there’s no doubt that the costs will be high. However, when you hire a skilled an experienced architect to help you with the designs and everything else then you can be certain you’ll get great results.

Architects can work with various budgets. Once you’ve decided on what you’re going to spend, they’ll talk to you about what they can do whilst keeping everything on a budget.

If you’re not sure what your budget is, your professional architect in Johannesburg can discuss what’s needed and advise about contractors. They can help you find people and contractors who are reliable and won’t waste your time and money.   

3. Create even more space

If you’ve been looking to expand your property or make better use of the space, then an architect will definitely help. Architects are not only able to design a place from scratch; instead, they’re also able to create building plans for renovations and alterations as needed. You can enjoy a gorgeous double volume house if your budget and land allow for it. Speak to the pros and they can assist you.   

4. Planning perfection

When it comes to planning the property, the designs and blueprints have to be correct. If you get your designs done from an “inferior” source, then you may risk costly mishaps in future.

Professional architects are trained and experienced in their niche and have extensive knowledge when it comes to designing. Designs must incorporate safety and comply with building regulations.  

5. Access to more professionals

The modern Camps Bay home with a 12 Apostles view FRANCOIS MARAIS ARCHITECTS Villas Green

The modern Camps Bay home with a 12 Apostles view


Some architects will go the “extra mile” and introduce you to more professionals that can help you complete your project.

They may be able to refer you to a great interior designer to help you get the upmarket, modern living spaces and entertainment areas. This patio is the mastery of professional architects and designers.  

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