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Abandoned Ruin becomes Irresistible Country Home

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The French countryside is a treat for the senses with picture perfect scenery, quaint villages dotting the landscape and some of the world's finest produce waiting to be found. In this part of the world there is hidden beauty to be found in the most unlikely of places. 

While exploring one can occasionally stumble upon an abandoned farmhouse. Most would express no more than a passing interest and then continue their exploration. However, in one particular instance a couple found themselves standing in front of their future home

Despite the building being completely overgrown and crumbling beyond recognition, the couple bought the property with the aim of creating their dream country house.

Excited to see the transformation?

Looking worse for wear

Here is what the couple stumbled upon and, as you can tell from the photo, the old farmhouse is looking a little worse for wear having been abandoned for over two decades. 

Knowing their limitations, the couple hired Briand Renault Architects to provide some much needed experience for the challenging project that was to come. 

Saving history

This is what the home looked like during the early stages of the project. The owners aimed to repair and salvage what they could but not everything was able to be saved. The entirety of the roof and internal walls had to be removed for obvious safety reasons. So too did the entire south exterior wall to allow for the building to be expanded outwards.

The finished product

What an idyllic setting this has become! Following months of hard work and many ups and downs, the home was completed on time and within budget. No longer a ruin and surrounded by overgrown trees and grass, the new country house stands proudly within its setting. 

It's easy to feel as if we've emerged into the genuine French countryside with such beauty and history captured here. We simply must take a closer look at the finished product…

A closer look

Today the home appears much like any other farmhouse in the region with much of the original material being retained in the design of the building or re-purposed in other ways. 

Without being restricted by their ambitions of a country style home, the owners have expressed their own creative design by giving the home a unique modern edge, which is detectable on the exterior. 

An important gathering point is the outdoor dining area. In the warmer months of the year there’s nothing better than spending time outside in the sunshine. 

Sunbathing inside

Our first glimpse of the interior is from the upstairs landing where a cute seating area has been organised. Those skylights make all the difference in the way the interiors look and feel with the whole house being lit so brightly. The wicker chairs make for a cosy spot to embrace the sun-drenched interiors. 

Also located up on this level is one of the home's bedrooms with attached en suite and a second living area. 

Mixing old and new

A pair of armchairs with matching two-seater sofa and a vintage chair have been positioned to create a close and intimate circle beside the wide expanse of the window. Whether those relaxing here choose to embrace each other's company or the views of the landscape, this is a setting to be savoured. 

Remnants of the original interior wall have been incorporated into the framing of the room, while fresh timber supports make for an intriguing mix of old and new. 

Unfortunately this is the final image of the transformation but if you're hunting for more inspiration, don't miss this amazing project: A Time Travelling Medieval Home.

Wow...what a transformation this was! What aspect of the project most caught your eye? Let us know in the comments...

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