Unexpected things you can use your freezer for

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People use freezers in a lot of different ways. Some use it only to store ice cream, while others use it for a lot more like meats, herbs etc.,. However, many do not know that a freezer can be used unusually effectively for several other purposes. Before we discuss the same, please note that a freezer works best when it is full. Since then, the compressor has less work to do to make everything stay fresh. But the freezer should not be packed in such a way that things are difficult to pull out. Every once in a while it has to be cleaned and organized properly. Freezers need regular maintenance and checkups too.

Now we come to the unexpected but useful stuff your freezer can help you out with. For long lasting batteries, the freezer is a good storehouse. Similarly if there is a favourite candle, stash it in a freezer for a few days before lighting it. The cool temperature will harden the wax and prevent it from burning down too quickly. This trick works for all types of candles. Denim jeans can be placed in a heavy duty sealable bag, and kept in the freezer for a week to kill bacteria. And this way you can also avoid using the washer and dryer too much.

Increase the longevity of candles

Wick & Tallow Lemongrass & Neroli Candle Wick & Tallow HouseholdAccessories & decoration
Wick & Tallow

Wick & Tallow Lemongrass & Neroli Candle

Wick & Tallow

Candles come in different shapes, sizes and fragrances apart from the ordinary candles that are used daily. Some of these fragrant candles can be very expensive, and people would love to use it for a longer time. In order to extend its life, the best tip would be to stash it in the freezer for a few days before the candle is used. Stashing it in the freezer hardens the wax, and stops it from burning down quickly. This trick will work for all types of candles, even the thin ones that have a tendency to burn fast. This trick can also help strengthen the candles and avoid breakage, which is common with thin, delicate candles when they are being lit.

Clean jeans but without any water

Most people do not like to wash their denim jeans. Going through a wash and dry cycle can wrinkle the jeans, and can even alter the fit, after which it has to be ironed. For those not willing to go through all that trouble, the freezer comes to the rescue. The concerned pair of jeans has to be placed in a heavy duty sealable bag and placed in the freezer for a week. This exposure to the cold will kill the bacteria and leave the jeans looking spiffy and well fitting. This trick helps in making the jeans look crisp and clean, just like new. The bonus here is that, this treatment does not shrink the jeans like the dryer does.

Clingy plastic wrap? No problem!

Cling wraps are useful kitchen items used regularly. Most of the time when it is time to use the cling wrap and when it is being pulled out, it tends to get sticky and some of it gets wasted. But there is a trick to remedy situation easily. Plastic wraps too can get the freezer treatment to great effect. The simple trick here is to place it in the freezer for a few minutes, and wait for the cold to eliminate the cling and prevent the plastic wrap from further bunching up. The wrap will now have sufficient hold to cover the bowls and plates easily.

Get rid of dust mites

A cool way to remove dust mites is to chuck all belongings infested with them into the freezer. Pillows, bedding and stuffed animals have a way of attracting dust mites. Placing them in the freezer can make them pest-free again. The items have to be placed in a plastic freezer bag and the air has to be squeezed out. After sealing the bag, it has to be placed in the freezer for 48 hours. The pillows will be as good as new. As children play with the stuffed animals very often, this treatment can be given frequently to get rid of dust mites. This idea can also be used for other dust mites ridden items like throws and small cushions, things that cannot be machine washed. This quirky and fun bed was designed for kids by Jumine, supplier of textiles and upholstery from South Korea.

Easily reopen sealed envelopes

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It is common for people to seal envelopes in a hurried manner and getting flustered trying to reopen it. But help is at hand. A unique and unexpected way to use the freezer is to place all the envelopes that have to be opened in it, for about two hours. The adhesive in the envelope will freeze enabling the flap to open. Flipping the flap with a knife will also be helpful. The envelopes have to be placed in a plastic cover before being kept in the freezer. Once outside the freezer, the flap can also be ironed in a steam mode to open the seal..

Save seeds for the next season

Gardeners tend to buy seeds in bulk during the growing season. The extras when kept out in the open, can get damaged. Instead of tossing them out or leaving them out in the open, they can be stored in the freezer to preserve for the next year. However, care should be taken that the seeds are extremely dry. The seeds should then be put in an airtight container or a zip lock bag and placed in the freezer till the next growing season. When the seeds are removed from the freezer, sufficient time should be allowed for the seeds to thaw before using them for planting again.

Hopefully these simple life hacks will make your day to day life easier! Now that you know the myriad exclusive ways that you can employ your freezer, here is another ideabook about refrigerators that you might find useful - Keep your cool when fridge shopping.

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