Top 5 Projects of the Week: Remarkable Home Transformation to ​Designing a Wine Cellar

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The mornings continue getting lighter and warmer (yay, spring!) and we're finding ourselves with a little extra spring in our step each morning. Hopefully our homify Top 5 can have a similar effect on your Sunday!

We've crunched the numbers, separated the wheat from the chaff and can present to you our most read, clicked, shared and Liked articles of the last seven days.

As you'll soon see, there was a definitive trend to our popular Ideabooks this week. Four out of five of the articles were before/after projects and/or loft conversions. Perhaps the changing of the seasons and the better weather that brings is filling you all with renewed energy to tackle those overdue home improvement projects?

Whatever the reason, our final article was about designing your own wine cellar, which probably requires less reasoned explaination.

Enjoy catching up with the articles and do let us know which was your favourite in the comments. We love hearing from you!

1. Before & After: Remarkable Transformation of a Family Home

Our runaway success of the week was this article, which proved to be almost as impressive as the incredible metamorphosis this home experienced! 

Your home should feel like a personal retreat. An oasis of respite and calm. Here you will feel only comfortable and relaxed, able to shed your skin from the day just passed. Your home should reflect your personality and supplement the areas that you feel are missing from your everyday life.

The owners of this house in Mülheim, Germany, very much desired to personalise their own space. The problem was that the original building had been standing for a few decades already and was in dire need of help and repair.

By commissioning ONE! CONTACT the occupants were able to transform this drab, lifeless property into a sanctuary of tranquillity and calm. Now a shade of its former self stands a house that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. A little piece of land the owners can be proud to call their own

It has to be seen to be believed!

2. The Loft Conversion Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

Loft Conversion, Sheen SW14, TOTUS TOTUS Modern houses

Loft Conversion, Sheen SW14


Word of mouth is the best form of recommendation in the design and construction industry so having seen the amazing work completed at a neighbouring property, there was no chance of the owners of this house going to anyone other than Totus for their project! 

Speaking about this build, Totus say, ’After completing an extension at neighbour’s property, we were asked by our clients to convert their loft space into a large master bedroom with en-suite. At the same time we created an open plan dining/kitchen area and installed a new kitchen. The project was completed in 12 weeks.’

Just imagine commissioning a team to create an exemplar loft conversion for you and being so blown away that you let them go wild with the rest of your home! When you see the quality of the build you'll understand exactly why that was the case here and we suspect you'll start dreaming about a loft conversion of your own!

3. Before & After: Modern Loft Transformation

Exterior - Before and After Side dormer A1 Lofts and Extensions Modern houses
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Exterior—Before and After Side dormer

A1 Lofts and Extensions

Those of us who are privileged to be living inside an old or historic property know too well that the roof space is not always used to the best of its ability. Unlike new homes, which have nothing more than a crawl space for insulation and ducting, some older homes have space enough for a third level.

This beautiful detached Victorian home located in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, has a secret hiding upstairs. Don't let the era of the property deceive you from the outside, because thanks to A1 Lofts & Extensions, the inside is home to a modern loft conversion that you wouldn't have expected.

4. Secret Loft Conversion in London

​mansard loft conversion wandsworth homify Modern houses

​mansard loft conversion wandsworth


Our fourth most read article of the week was this Ideabook, which featured a traditional family home in Wandsworth, London. It had received a contemporary update in the form of a loft conversion in order to add precious extra space for the occupants.

Thanks to loft conversion and extension specialists Nuspace, the converted loft houses a stunning modern bedroom and modern en suite and has been designed in a way to ensure it is as light as possible to avoid it ever feeling like an attic. Instead, it is a relaxing and fresh looking space that incorporates clever storage solutions and a top quality finish.

5. ​Designing Your Own Wine Cellar

Wine cellar beneath contemporary staircase Space Alchemy Ltd Modern wine cellar
Space Alchemy Ltd

Wine cellar beneath contemporary staircase

Space Alchemy Ltd

According to numerology the number five is one of the luckiest numbers, which is probably nonsense but it's a nice segue into our final article in this week's Top 5. 

Whether you consider yourself an oenophile (a connoisseur of fine wines) or you simply enjoy the occasional Merlot to relax, having a love for wines usually leads to building up a grand collection – which, no doubt, could lead to desiring your own wine cellar. How else are your guests going to know about your knowledge and appreciation for a fine wine?

Well then, have you ever considered constructing your own wine cellar at home? Just imagine the fulfilment and satisfaction of creating it with your own hands, which will unquestionably enhance your collection and, thus, your overall appreciation for this miracle beverage that much more.  In addition, building your own wine cellar gives you the opportunity to customise and individualise your creation to your heart’s content – after all, a personal touch makes it that much more special.  

Our look at how you can design your own home wine cellar had real legs (wine tasting pun, ahoy!) and was a big hit with homify readers. If you missed it first time, pour yourself a glass of something fruity and catch up with it, here.

We'll be back again same time, same place next week. Hope to see you here!

Which article floated your boat this week? We'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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