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Luxury and smart design complete this upscale townhouse in Belgravia

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Belgravia Mews House Urbanist Architecture Built-in kitchens Metal White
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Today's showcase of exceptional design begins in the heart of Central London. A four-story townhouse in Belgravia needed serious updates for its new owner (a member of Forbes Three Comas club, as they call it). Urbanist Architecture, the highly-reviewed London-based architecture, design and planning permissions firm took on this immense project.

The owner of the townhouse gave the Urbanist Architecture team complete creative freedom and a £1,000,000 budget. Using oak and glass as the main materials, the townhouse now stands entirely remodeled. The end result includes four upscale ensuite bedrooms, a dining space, kitchen, living room, cinema room and a top-floor terrace with a sliding roof light. Designers included an open-floor plan, trying to create a balance of luxury and automated, smart design that fits its client's needs and desires. Let's take a look at some of the gorgeous pictures of this luxury Belgravia townhouse.

Increased floor space for more value

Luxury Belgravia renovation Urbanist Architecture Modern dining room Marble White
Urbanist Architecture

Luxury Belgravia renovation

Urbanist Architecture

When Urbanist Architecture's team first arrived at the four-story townhouse, the clunky original staircase seemed to encroach over most of the building. It wound through the centre of each floor, creating a claustrophobic feel for the otherwise large 220 square meter abode.

They decided to demolish the old staircase and build a new bespoke set of stairs in its place, using oak and glass as the base materials. The new result fits perfectly into the back corner of the remodeled home, optimizing usable floorspace.

Four ensuite bedrooms

Luxurious ensuite bedrooms Urbanist Architecture Modern style bedroom Solid Wood Beige
Urbanist Architecture

Luxurious ensuite bedrooms

Urbanist Architecture

The previously untapped usable space allowed designers to build four entire ensuite bedrooms, increasing the value of the home by 70 percent. Each bedroom combines soft suede furnishings with classic oak hardwood floors. We love the large windows gracing each bedroom, where natural light can seep through and open up the space.

The best part? On top of being able to cozy up into the soft, earthy bedding, residents can relax knowing how much of the house is automated and fit to their needs. In addition to luxury, designers focused on smart design. This technology even reaches the blinds, which are automatic depending on the time of day. Each bedroom also has its own 40 inch flat screen television built into the walls, in addition to integrated Dolby surround sound speakers.

Bespoke kitchen fitting to match the sleek space

Smart kitchen and dining area Urbanist Architecture Built-in kitchens Metal White
Urbanist Architecture

Smart kitchen and dining area

Urbanist Architecture

Having carte blanche on this project meant that the townhouse could be rewired and refitted to completion. The kitchen is therefore entirely remodelled with the latest in technology, stovetops, ovens and light fixtures. The sheen of the cabinets reflecting from the window's natural light continues the general theme of a bright, neutral, sleek and modern design.

New lighting design

Of course, this townhouse is luxurious. But the underlying technological design is genius. The architects got rid of radiators in favour of underfloor heating. In addition, every light fixture is controlled by dimming switches throughout the house. Each floor was soundproofed from the city life buzzing just outside the sparkling new marbled entrance hall of the home.

The luxurious, smart cinema room

Could you even imagine being able to curl up under a blanket and watch your favorite movie from the comfort of this upscale cinema room? As if the rooftop terrace weren't enough, the bottom floor of the townhouse is a soft, incredibly luxurious suede cinema room. It has built-in ceiling lights, a modern sleek black coffee table, a massive 50+ inch flat screen television and an integrated Dolby surround sound speaker system. Nearby the cinema room, designers also installed a plant and laundry room.

A minimalist, open staircase

One thing Urbanist Architecture wanted to ensure was that each floor felt open and spacious. They could accomplish this, in part, by using glass throughout the staircase, which opens up the space and carries the natural light with it. The once all-encompassing staircase now exists as a bespoke minimalist showcase, unassuming and sleek all at once.

With a strong team of RIBA chartered architects, planners, interior designers and engineers all working together Urbanist Architecture live through their motto “Design to increase”. Discover more of their brilliant work here.

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