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8 Vastu tips for peaceful bedrooms

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Peace and relaxation, aren’t these the two most important feelings we crave in our bedroom? Vastu Shastra has given the design and placement of  bedrooms a high priority because it can affect the relationship between the couple occupying that room and eventually, the family who lives in the home. The philosophy of Vastu Shastra follows the simple principle of creating balance in cosmic energy of the universe to bring in harmony, wealth and happiness into your life. By adhering to these simple Vastu tips for bedrooms, you can create a peaceful atmosphere in the room and enjoy a blissful life with your loved ones. 

1. Right direction of the bedroom according to Vastu

According to Vastu, the master bedroom should be in the South-west corner of the home, and it should be occupied by married couples. It will bring in prosperity and health to the family. Ideally, the placement of the bed should be towards the South or West wall so that while sleeping the legs point towards the North or East. Avoid locating the bedroom in the Northeast or Southeast direction of the house. The ideal location of the children’s bedroom is in the East or North-west part of the house.  

2. Colour of the bedroom according to Vastu

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The colour of the room sets the atmosphere and has an immense effect on the mood. The colour of the bedroom should emit a peaceful, positive vibe and feel relaxing. The ideal bedroom colours are off-white, cream, pink, peach, earthy tones like almond and brown or neutral shades. Never choose dark shades for the bedroom. Also don’t hang dark or sad images, pictures of Gods and Goddesses or photographs of your dead relatives on the bedroom wall.   

3. The type of bed and bedding according to Vastu

The warmth of wood is perfect for the bedroom, and it should preferably be rectangular or square. Avoid round, oval or irregular shaped beds. Choose a bed made of wood and avoid wrought iron or metal beds in the bedrooms. If it is the room for a couple, ensure that the bed has one mattress even if it is a double bed.  

4. According to Vastu, keep the bedroom clean and clear

Keep the bedroom clean and neat with only the essential furniture and pieces occupying the space. A cluttered room attracts negative energy; so discard items that are no longer in use. Even the inside of the cabinets and storage should be cleared often to avoid the accumulation of negative energy. Don’t overdo the decoration of the room. A simple and minimalist bedroom will fill your life with positive vibes.   

5. Follow Vastu and ban electronic and electrical appliances in the bedroom

Though in today’s world, it is slowly becoming impossible to do away with the TV, computer, iPad, mobile phones and other gadgets in the bedroom, one should make a conscious decision to keep them out of the room for a calming atmosphere inside. If it is impossible to avoid it, then at least ensure that these devices are far from the bed and the TV or computer screen doesn’t reflect the image of the bed.  

6. Mirror in the bedroom according to Vastu

According to Vastu, the mirror shouldn’t be placed in the bedroom. However, in modern homes where one doesn’t have space for a separate dressing room, and the dressing table has to be kept in the bedroom, ensure that the reflection of the bed is not visible in the mirror as it is inauspicious.   

7. The bathroom near the bedroom according to Vastu

In modern homes, having a toilet attached to the bedroom has become a necessity and cannot be avoided. However, ensure that the bed doesn’t directly face the bathroom door, and the door should be kept closed all the time.

8. Fresh and fragrant bedroom according to Vastu

Aromatherapy has a powerful impact on the senses and enhances the romantic environment of the bedroom. Light up aromatic candles or place potpourri, fresh flowers or a diffuser of your favourite fragrance and feel the difference. You can also think of bringing in indoor plants inside the bedroom, the freshness of the plants will liven up the area. The Peace lily is a perfect plant to have in the bedroom.   

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