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Clean an oriental rug – How to go about it?

Silvia Watson Silvia Watson
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Cleaning your home furnishings is a necessary household chore! It is essential that you devote adequate time and energy to this task, as it contributes to your overall home upkeep and maintenance. Some homeowners have refined tastes, such as oriental rugs, which are known for its exquisite design and vibrant colors. It's always flattering to see an oriental rug displayed in a house. However, it's challenging when you have to clean it. First of all, it is slightly heavier than the regular carpets, and you need to be careful about the beautiful artwork in it. To stay safe, it's always better to hand over the job to a professional carpet cleaning service provider.

Opting in for professional help

The online world is replete with expert professional carpet cleaning service providers. Each of these companies is equipped with the best cleaning techniques to ensure your carpet is clean and dust-free. To know more, you can check out Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning. These companies deploy advanced cleaning tactics, like steam wash and high water rinsing to clean your oriental rug.

The companies provide a pick-up and delivery facility for cleaning oriental rugs. They usually clean the carpet in their warehouse unit where there are trained staff to do the work. After the cleaning session, your carpet gets delivered to you within the committed time, in good condition. Also, if you are unhappy with the service, you can share your feedback, and the company will make the required compensation and adjustments.

Trying to clean the carpet yourself

Today, you will find ample DIY (Do It Yourself) videos online that provide the guidelines on cleaning an oriental rug by yourself. You can follow the necessary instructions, but it's essential to keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Use a specialized cleaning solvent for an oriental carpet. It is because this carpet is heavyweight and has fine thread and artwork. A regular cleaning solution might make the thread and the carpet surface completely coarse. If you are not sure about this, you can refer to the carpet service provider.
  • Be very gentle with carpet sides as that’s where you might find the stitches which can loosen if you make harsh cleaning movements. Also, it is always better if you can use a small cleaning brush. It will help you to concentrate on the minute areas and not strain your hands.
  • If you are not able to get the best cleaning solvent for an oriental carpet, you can opt-in for your shampoo. It helps to remove the stains and dirt effectively. Also, shampoo doesn’t leave the carpet dry and coarse like the generic cleaning solutions. You can shop for rug-shampoo as well, which are available at the department store.
  • Ensure that you dry the rug completely! Moisture can ruin an oriental rug and can also give it a foul odor. So, make sure it's dry before you use it again. It is always a smart call to get in touch with a professional carpet cleaning service for getting an oriental carpet clean. These companies have the required know-how and the expertise that you can benefit from. Also, you can relax as you know that your oriental rug is in safe hands.