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Trendy and unique HDB renovation trends to opt-in for

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Most people confuse a home renovation to be either an exterior or interior decor arrangement! A complete home renovation includes both the interior and exterior decor. And today, ace interior decorators and designers believe, that the latest home renovation and architecture trend is fading the lines between outdoor and indoor living.

The new age interior decor trends are impressive, useful, unique, and affordable. However, the latest trends are transforming the outdoor spaces in a Zen-like manner and making it healthier and more beautiful. You can enjoy both the sunset and sunrise in your aesthetically designed rooftops or patios. It's all about how you renovate the existing space. If you want to opt-in for this, it's essential to join hands with an expert HDB renovation expert and an ace interior designer.

Are you planning to renovate your current home or mansion? If yes, make sure you add in more natural light. Think about the features that are important to your daily lifestyle. You need to design your outdoor space in a way that adds value to your house. It is because, if you decide to sell your house someday, you get the best value. Discussed below are a few smart and innovative home design trends. You select the ones you like best.

Rooftops today function as new age backyards

Residential buildings, restaurants, and hotels manage their rooftop spaces. It is a smart idea for houses that got constructed atop a small footprint, water, or is on an irregular land that can be an expensive project. Ace home designers suggest that if the backyard is big enough to accommodate the requirements, homeowners can use their roof as a part of their building renovation.

A scenic furnished terrace is a necessary structure. But today, several homeowners are upgrading this area by installing pools and hot tubs. Think twice before installing a pool, as it can have challenges. You need to select the best structure that will secure it from the hidden dangers. The ideal way is to come with support beams and present columns. You need to design the pool in a way that fits the current structural grid. You need an expert designer who can help you with this.

Renovate your kitchen space

There’s more to kitchen renovation that granite counter tops, cabinets and advanced refrigerators. Plan to develop an area which goes beyond your basic needs and also adds value to your investment. When you say yes to an outdoor kitchen, you bring home something revolutionary and innovative. It is multi-functional and has several utilities. And it's a smart investment.

The other reason for installing an outdoor kitchen is that you don’t require a massive amount of square footage. The essential items like a sink, counter top, grill, and a new age refrigerator located under-the-counter is a good option. It helps you to add to your savings in many ways. For instance, when you cook outside, you can save more on the energy bills. It is true especially during summer, as your home can keep its required temperature, instead of heating the indoor cooking.

Indoor gaming

Most homeowners today are saying yes to gaming areas. It's the right place for your family and friends to gather and enjoy a relaxing time. The place usually features a decent backdrop. Concerning styling the space, you can add big outdoor spaces and also add in the necessary greens. However, it is essential for homeowners to decide the kind of activities they enjoy. It can include anything from corn hole board, bocce courts, checkers, and others. 

Managing your washrooms

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom? If yes, you can opt-in for the Japanese style bathrooms which are trending presently. The reasons for this are many. Simply put, it is a smart way to make good use of the space and increase your home value. Today, you have various kinds of outdoor and indoor bathrooms. Having an outdoor shower is classy. Today, you can get it at an affordable price and use it for both new and old houses. The outdoor tubs are trending as well, though they are not much of a practical investment as the shower.

Last but not least, the bathroom sundecks are becoming popular as well. All you need to do is open the door and welcome the fresh air. It offers extra privacy than any other choices. You can also add a sundeck if your bathroom is small to give it a spacious feeling.

Redefining the boundaries

When you redefine the outdoor and indoor boundaries, it generally elevates the open floor-plan. You can make use of sliding doors for an effortless transition in spaces. You can get this done by expanding the support columns to the extreme point. Make sure that the slabs don’t break because of an inner wall. You can make glass entry walls, which will provide your home with a perfect and open view.

You can also blend the indoor and outdoor space via a massive expanse of the thermal-effective glass walls, windows, and doors. These are all solar-reflective and can get opened and closed based on the season.

You need to consult the architect for any renovations. Nothing can make a space brighter than having a large, glass wall from floor to ceiling outdoors. Are you not able to add a wall? In that case, you can opt-in for a costly glass skylight and add stairs. Make sure that the stairs take you to the roof so that you can enjoy the best nature views as much as you can. We all reside in small sections. When you have more natural light coming in, it can add to your life quality in many ways.

These are some of the changes you can add to your home renovation project. However, it is essential that you have the necessary time and budget for the same. If you want to opt-in for any of the trends mentioned above, you need to provide your interior decor designer adequate time to plan every correctly, so that nothing boomerangs when the construction works start. You can add in your ideas as the renovation plan progresses.