The Finest Italian Wood Flooring: Cadorin's Planks Module

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Cadorin Group Srl - Italian craftsmanship production Wood flooring and Coverings Floors
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The secret of the “Ninfea” Planks Module design created by Cadorin, one of the Italian leaders in the production of fine wood flooring, is the diamond-shaped cut of the planks: planks of American walnut arranged in different patterns, like the unique star-shaped geometrical pattern of the Ninfea design.

But, as we will see in this Ideabook, the versatility of the Ninfea's Planks Module allows to create other patterns, such as the composition into hexagons of the planks. Other modules have been developed to complete the Ninfea Module, and even 45°/60°/90° Chevron/Herringbone solutions.

The other secret of this solution among Cadorin’s offering is in the finesse of the classy double finish, Bleached and Bark, that combines the richness of the walnut’s veins and its light tone with the dark nuances of the bark.

The Planks Module Collection brings about the opportunity to customise each parquet solution, opening up to combining both different sizes and shapes with different finishes, glosses and colours of the planks, giving architects and interior designers absolute creative freedom to explore innovative interior design solutions.

The wide recognition of Cadorin’s quality work and the uniqueness of its products, such as the Planks Module’s bleached walnut and bark “Ninfea”, that we will get to know in this Ideabook, has brought Cadorin to reach the best Italian and European architects, interior designers, and industry fairs.

In October, Cadorin will be attending the 2019 edition of Decorex International, the European leading four-days event for interior design professionals established over 40 years ago, with more than 400 exhibitors presenting their newest collections of exquisite furniture, fabric, lighting, decorative craft, including the most internationally renowned interior designers and some of the world’s most recognised residential and hospitality retail producers. 

1. Three layers planks

Cadorin has created a proprietary solid three-layered plank, composed by an upper layer of single noble solid wood 4.5-5 cm thick, a middle layer of diagonal spruce strips, and a lower layer of the same solid wood of the upper one.

The unique, three-top layered Cadorin’s planks are a 100% Italian production, as the whole cycle takes place within Cadorin premises in Possagno, in the northern Veneto region, using sustainably yield wood.

2. Perfect balancing of the planks

This multi-layered structure guarantees a perfect balancing of the planks, both for large and small cuts: from 16-21 mm thick, 14-33 width and 3-5 metres long planks, to 10,5-12 x 60-80 cm small planks used in composing fishbone patterns.

3. Quality and sustainability

Quality and sustainability are the two milestones of Cadorin’s production: green practices are implemented at every step of the production cycle to enhance wood’s renewable and recyclable nature, its thermal insulation capabilities, lightness and versatility.

4. Pioneering green production and products

The whole production system of Cadorin and its products are certified by the Italian Green Building Council with the LEED® NC ITALIA 2009_v4 and GBC HOME standard, a testament to Cadorin’s long term commitment to the best sustainable practices.

Cadorin’s eco-friendly, innovative approach to production is testified by formaldehyde-free planks, photovoltaic solar energy systems to reduce polluting emissions, and the exploitation of alternative geothermal energy since 1984, as one of the European pioneers in the use of green technologies and resources.

Sustainability and green practices are at the basis of the high quality wood flooring offered by Cadorin, a perfect fit to the best quality and most creative contemporary interiors.

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