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Entertaining guests at home made easy

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Who doesn't love the idea of having friends and family over for a wonderful evening of entertaining? Well, anyone that doesn't know the first thing about entertaining guests, that's who! It might seem like fun but how do you know what to do with people once they arrive? Calm down and stop panicking as we have put together some fantastic tips to keep you and your guests having fun all night long.

You don't need to get out the finest crockery or hire waiting staff to impress your loved ones and friends so come with us as we show you the best way to have a good time!

Offer a tour of the house

First things first, you can really get the evening going by offering your visitors a proper tour of the house. Naturally, you'll want to make sure that you've cleaned first but the curious nature of humans means that nobody will turn down an opportunity to have a good nosey around.

You don't need to have a home as magnificent as this one from Kabaz to give a great tour as the secret to entertaining guests is to always keep the focus on them. Chat as you walk round and reminisce about items that you bought together. It's a great icebreaker!

Start with some drinks and appetisers

When in doubt, get the food and drink out! This isn't an old fashioned tip in the slightest, we simply think of it as classic. All the best hosts and hostesses of the past would have a fully stocked bar and some handy nibbles so if you do the same, you're guaranteed a rave review.

When it comes to entertaining guests with food and drink, make sure you have taken the time to ask if anybody has any special dietary requirements. Gluten-free and vegan lifestyles are fast becoming the norm and you don't want to alienate anybody.

Have a stroll around the garden

If you have a beautiful home that you are proud of, we are willing to be that you have a garden to match and what could be lovelier than a casual stroll around it with your guests? In summer you could light some citronella candles and sit outside with drinks, too.

A beautiful garden space will always be a natural draw so if you want entertaining guests to be simple, lead them outside and let your blossoming borders and stunning shrubs do all the hard work for you. You could even try some al fresco dining!

Display your belongings

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If you know you will be entertaining guests in your home there is no shame in making sure that all your most treasured possessions are on show. Likewise, you might need to dig a few presents out from storage, if the sender has been invited to your soiree!

An evening with friends is a great opportunity to really solidify what you have in common as well as your differences as this makes for interesting conversation. Don't forget to display holiday memorabilia as travel is one of the most common and stimulating party topics.

Listen to good music

Your whole evening doesn't have to be dedicated to sitting around and listening to music but we think you should pay attention to the background noise when you are entertaining guests. After all, a well chosen track can really cut through a lull in conversation.

Naturally, not everyone will share the same music taste as you so try to be a little neutral in your selections. While you may love a bit of Slayer, your old university chum might be more of a classical buff so try to find a middle ground that will keep everyone happy.

Finish the evening with dessert

If there is one tip we really don't want you to overlook it's this one! All guests, regardless of dietary requirements, love dessert and if you want to really impress people and make them want to come back again, you have to step up and make something wonderful.

Entertaining guests is as simple as keeping them happy so good food, nice wine and a heavenly dessert will guarantee you success. Plus, you always want to end an evening on a sweet note as a good dessert is not easily forgotten. Just make sure you make extra so you can enjoy some on your own once everyone has left!

For more party inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Indoor Party Ideas. There's a whole lot more to parties than just balloons!

How do you keep guests entertained during a dinner party? We'd love to hear your tips!

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