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Life at Home when you have kids around?

Silvia Watson Silvia Watson
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What is your life is like when you have kids around?

Your life changes completely when you have a kid around. You have no idea what life with a kid around. They indeed give us a roller coaster ride. Your life turns upside down, they swirl your head, and twirl your fingers. It is truly a fantastic experience of living with a kid.

Growing stage of a kid

It is so beautiful to see your little one growing right from birth. Observing your child achieving every step of milestone gives you a mixed feeling of emotion undergoing in your heart. During this growing phase of life, you tend to develop a soul-to-soul connection with your kid. As your little one grows up gradually, you will get to see the transformation of your kid's behavior from innocent to becoming a mischievous and naughty child.

You will keep hearing people giving various advises about your kid's growing stage such as "Wait, this stage of the milestone will soon get over; the interesting part is in the next milestone." But do not get carried away by such advises. You should enjoy every stage of your kid's life.

Once you are in the motherhood stage, there is no proper rest. You will forget your sound sleep or even thinking about taking a small break for a while. It is not that you will be driven entirely off from such pleasures. You can still have a little bit of some comfort and joy only when your child sleeps. You should grab the opportunity and hop into the bed next to your little one or a sofa and stretch your body. Forget about your household chores.

What sort of impression could you expect from a kid?

You will get to watch very exciting, funny, annoying behavior from your kid. Listed below are a few pointers which will make your mood swing very frequently and now and then!

  • Human's physiological process such as poops, pee, and puke, which sounds so gross even turns out to be very natural and normal thing to clean up of your little one. It sounds bizarre, but such strange feelings wash away with your little bundle of joy. Cleaning up such shits also seems to be enjoyable.
  • It is so annoying though when your kid grows up and messes anywhere and anyplace. But again, when you look up at your innocent kid's face, the anger flies off.
  • Kids leave dirt everywhere and make your stuff very sticky. They will eat anywhere, and you will get to observe pieces of crumbs in your bed, sofa, chairs, and so on inviting the ants.
  • Kids will always mess up your whole house. You will find their toys and your stuff getting misplaced. So, it will take days to get used to with your things being lost or misplaced only that you will need to be extra careful to tuck your documents safely somewhere.

With the digital technology era kids, these days are always glued to the screen. If you want to see some interesting facial expressions, actions, and sentence forming in your little one, then you can make them listen to nursery rhyme for kids that are freely available online.