5 Eye-Popping Terrace Transformations!

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Even though we're here in the UK, with tempestuous weather, inconsistent summers and frequent rain, we can't resist the urge to create a warm, welcoming terrace, just in case we can crack the barbecue out a couple of times a year. We think that's the good old British stiff upper lip coming into play, not letting us accept the inevitability of a poor summer.

Because we are all suckers for a pretty patio we thought it might be fun to take a look at some dramatic terrace transformations to show you exactly what is possible with a little imagination and determination. So, pull up a deck chair and let's get started!

1. Before: Nothing special

In the interest of full disclosure, we think this is actually a very nice terrace. It has been well finished in a simple and classic motif. In fact, the most we could really say about this is that it is just a little too plain and doesn't offer any shade but we really are being picky there.

Clearly, the design team at Bervic, who were brought in to transform this spot, could see the potential for something more spectacular, so what did they do?

1. After: Amazing and eye-catching

We have to admit that this is leaps and bounds better than the original incarnation of this terrace but how were we to know that it could look this good?

Decking, a wooden gazebo and bamboo matting have turned a pretty patio into an amazing al fresco area and we love it!

2. Before: Shady and drab

This looks a little sad and drab, doesn't it? Almost like a haunted shack from a Scooby Doo cartoon but with a solid structure in place, there has to be potential for a beautiful revamp, doesn't there?

If nothing else, the waterside location should guarantee a lovely outlook but we don't know what has been done here.

2. After: Light and heavenly

Now this is such a shock! Would you just look at how contemporary and insanely stunning this spot is now?

We assumed the original structure might have been renovated but this is a total demolish and redesign that looks fantastic. We don't even care how many rooms there are in there, we want to live here.

3. Before/After: Unusable to sociable

From a shambles of a garden to a perfectly laid patio, we think this super transformation should give inspiration to everyone! That includes those of you with a small budget as a decent tidy up and perfunctory patch of decking has totally restored this site.

The repurposed decking planks made into a table are also a fantastic touch.

4. Before: Overrun by nature

We're all for letting nature run its course but when that means you are left with a completely unusable garden, you have to step in and take control eventually.

We can see the potential for this space to make way for an amazing terrace, though it might help if we could see exactly what space there is to work with. Thank goodness for talented landscapers that can decipher garden potential underneath green mess!

4. After: Super stylish

We did not expect this to be the end result of clearing the masses of greenery from the original site but what a fantastic transformation! We especially love that some nature has been left in place, in the form of the tree, with extra potential to the back of the site.

This decking would make the perfect location for al fresco dinner parties and the only thing we might be tempted to add is some cute outdoor lighting but that's because we are suckers for anything twinkly!

5. Before: Abandoned and run down

No, you're not looking at a shanty town shack. This really is a house that can be lived in, with a little TLC and some vision.

The foundations and structure looks solid, as does the lovely outside porch area, but can this really be transformed? Or will it need to be totally rebuilt?

Let's see what the team commissioned to look after this project decided…

5. After: Restored to glory

Wow… what a wonderful restoration! Isn't there just something fabulous about a home being brought back to life before your eyes with some careful renovation and a steady hand wielding a varnish brush?

We honestly wouldn't have recognised this idyllic isolated house. And just look at the charming terrace that has been created, complete with bistro dining set. It just goes to show that you really can bring back a home from the brink of demolition.

For more outdoors inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 17 Picturesque Patio Floors You Should Steal This August.

Have you got a terrace languishing in your garden?

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