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The Idyllic Mountain Escape

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Arcadi Pla i Masmiquel Arquitecte Country style houses
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Not every home hosted here on homify is a spectacle to the eye with massive rooms, glitzy finishes and flawless interiors all round. Some homes have been around a little longer and have naturally gathered a few knocks and bruises along the way, much like the home you're about to see. 

Found in the incredible natural surrounds of La Vall de Riu in Catalonia, this is a project that follows the rebirth of an old home that was in partial ruin. Guided by the experienced hand of Arcadi Pla Masmiquel Architecture, the building known as 'El Bosquet' underwent an intensive restoration and now serves as an exclusive retreat for the architect owner. 

The sheer scale of the project will amaze! Begin the tour by scrolling down…

Set in ancient stone

After months of work the restored home rises upwards amidst its rugged mountainous surrounds. Those stone walls, which stand upon an ancient foundation, make for a memorable sight upon arrival. 

The design from Arcadi Pla Masmiquel Architecture is a complete reinterpretation the original house with new doors, windows and balconies added accordingly. These alterations make the building stand out in more ways than one as the contrast of colour, material and form become more noticeable. See how the rough texture of the original stone pairs hypnotically with the smooth wooden augmentations.


Under the home, the original stone wall and wooden architectural augmentations showcase an amazing design that blends the El Bosquet's past life with modern innovation.

To ensure the home's continuing longevity, the stone foundations have been reinforced by concrete while the wooden framework has been constructed embedded deep into the earth. 

Warm and radiant

Gloriously radiant inside, the high ceilings and the new modern materials distinguish the open plan layout of the retreat. This is a space that always feels warm and welcoming thanks to the choice of soft furnishings and accessories that work in partnership with the strong structural materials of timber and stone.

From our unique perspective, we see the long dining table is the statement piece of the room where diners can enjoy their meal while having constant views of the nature outside. 

Natural appeal

A few paces beyond the dining area, at the side of the room, is a corner for quieter times. A pair of chairs besides the picture window is positioned to give those enjoying their surroundings natural illumination and views of the landscape.

The look provided by the exposed timber mounted upon the walls and ceiling has well and truly established itself as unique interior décor feature. The wooden framing provides not only a unique design aesthetic but appears as a sign of the home's rediscovered strength and solidity.

Postcard worthy

Now we can begin to understand why balconies were added to the home's design. Forget about turning on an iPad or the TV! Grab a chair because time is best spent watching the ever changing scenery on display from the comfort of the balcony. 

This picture is taken from the balcony on the second level where the views look like they belong in an exotic travel brochure. 

One last look

Before we roll credits on this project we thought it would be fitting to do so by taking another look at the exterior. We love how the timber and stone is designed in a way to exist in harmony with the nature that surrounds. It is almost as if the home has risen naturally from the site. 

With thanks to the incredible work by Arcadi Pla Masmiquel Architecture, this home has made a seamless transition from a building in ruins into a friendly retreat. 

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What did you think of this project? Are you a fan of the interior design with stone and wooden elements? Comment and let us know!

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