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Budget-friendly tiny garden upgrades

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Are you just dying to try out your green thumb, but don’t have hectares and hectares of ground? Not a problem. Getting down and dirty with some gardening does not involve owning huge amounts of land. And getting creative with flowers and shrubs doesn't either.

All it takes is a small available space and some inspired thinking on your part. Plus the occasional upkeep afterwards, of course. Apart from that, the world is your oyster. 

But seeing as this is homify and we love to help with anything that will enhance your home style, let’s review some tips and tricks on what it takes to conjure up a small (yet very stylish) garden at home.

Available space

Wishing you could add a touch of greenery to your garage space? All you need is a small area to break up that grey and dull pavement and insert some freshness. 

Constructora Asvial show us that less is indeed more, with their minimalist-type garden area that makes this front side of the house bloom. And what was needed to achieve that look? Some grass, a few plants, stones and pebbles, and a potted plant. Voilà!

Although this small garden spot is perfectly rectangular, you do not need to be restricted by this particular shape. Round, curvy, it doesn't matter. Just let your garden embellishments (i.e. pebbles and flowers) be led by that available space, as you don’t want it to become too cluttered.

An indoor solution

Stairs can be tricky. They need a certain amount of space, especially a straight style as pictured above. Which usually leads to the question of what to do with the remaining/surrounding space.

When presented with this little problem, Almazan & Associates Architects stepped outside the box, and then planted plants in it! They showed us that a slim little area between your staircase and the wall is no excuse to discard the garden idea. 

Some fresh soil, pebbles for decoration, a few bigger rocks to add to the visual aesthetics, and then bring on the plants! The secret lies in where you place your choice of plants, and also which sizes you opt for. Here we see how the smaller ones were planted right at the front, while the bigger ones take up residence at the back of the garden, making that vegetation rise with the staircase. 

Simple, yet ingenious!

Beautifying those walls

Curious spaces in-between nooks and crannies of your house’s façade presents great opportunities for gardens. The only problem is that sometimes the walls don’t want to play along with your idea of visual beauty. And adding fences is out of the question.

Stop seeing that wall as an obstacle and use it as a solution. Vines or similar plants are great for covering up vertical surfaces. And you don’t need to go full-blown Amazon: a few loose climbing/vertical plants here and there will do a terrific job at covering up sections of the wall, tipping the scales of vision more in favour of your greenery than the walls at the back. 

We heart this example by Style Architecture Workshop above: since the walls are already high, filling up the entire background with vines would have resulted in a very cramped look. But enough visual space has been left open, allowing us to still see parts of the wall and pebble-covered ground.

A strong link between lawn and wall

Having a wall in your garden is great. A nice piece of white concrete (or other materials in other colours) to keep out those prying eyes and treat you and your family to some privacy.

Know what’s even better? A splash of garden to link up that green lawn with that sturdy wall. And you don’t need a host of elements (or experience) to achieve this, as Vivero Cumbres Elite is showing us. A handful of plants and shrubs, some decorative stones (or you can opt for simple soil), and a cheeky little wooden fence for pure decorative purposes. Done! 

homify hint: A creative fence can really spice up your small garden. For example, a simple fence covered by tall plants that rise above it would seem beautiful and also extremely creative. But the most important thing these tall plants would do is to make your garden look much bigger, thanks to the height they add to it.

Mixing and matching

There is clutter, and then there is clutter done right. And when it comes to gardening, one also needs to walk a fine line to avoid a garden that seems cramped and untidy.

So, for your small garden space where you want to flaunt a multitude of flowers, try to keep the colour scheme straightforward. Excellence In Design stuck with a fire tone palette for their flora (pinks, reds, and peaches), and it works fantastic as it doesn't force the eye to zigzag across the garden. 

And thanks to those flowers that shoot up against the wall, our vision is led upwards, letting us take in some vertical space as well. This is a great method for making your small garden seem bigger, so opt for trees, vines, or other types of climbing plants. 

From the garden to the interiors, homify shows you: Six Steps To A Clutter Free Home.

Stick to the basics

Sometimes, simplicity is the best solution for a successful small garden, whether you are opting for hard landscaping materials (like pavers and structures), or softer ones (plants and flowers).

If you want a very straightforward approach with your small garden (with which there is nothing wrong), limit your plant selection to only a few species of shrubs, and maybe a small tree. You can add extra variety with some pots or pebbles, or stick with plain vegetation. 

Take a tip from Radical Landscape above: a small yet lush selection of shrubs and plants, with some elements that divert our eyes upwards. Notice how all that fresh greens contrast superbly with the whites and creams of the wall and floor. Add some modern seating for visual style, presentation and relaxation. 

Simple, stylish, and very easy to copy!

No ground, no problem

If only there was a way to add plants and flowers to an area with no ground, like a terrace or balcony. Yes, if only…

How about adding some potted plants to your soil-less space, as shown by Style Architecture Workshop above? Pots are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colours, so you are bound to find the perfect one for your space. Plus, potted plants are much less labour-intensive than tending to a yard, allowing you to still cultivate your creativity and indulge a green thumb without all the weeding.

There's almost no restriction on what to use as a planter — as long as the dirt stays in and the water drains out, you're good to grow. But since those roots will get thirstier as they aren't in the earth, ensure to give your above-ground garden regular watering. And remember that slow-release fertilizer encourages blooming all summer long.

We hope our tips help you boost that small garden of yours. What tricks can you share to make a small garden pop with style?

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