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Easy ways to give your home interior Korean flavour

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Every year it seems as though a new cultural influence gains a vast amount of popularity within the interior design world and while we've gotten to grips with Scandinavian chic, Korean influences are now really gaining ground. The question is, would you know what makes a Korean interior?

We've put together our favourite elements of Korean interior design so take a look and see if you might be ready to let a little Eastern influence permeate your home this year!

Let in the light

One thing you will often find within Korean interior design schemes is as much light as possible. While we might not always be gifted with amazing weather and sunny days here in the UK, you can still encourage light to flood your spaces.

We love this living room from Cato Creative as that stunning oversized skylight is simply drenching the whole space with bright, dazzling light. A large strip window such as this would be a great start to a Korean influenced room in your home.

Use pale wood in abundance

You never really have to give us an excuse to fill our homes with wonderful wood but knowing that now we would be right on trend makes us feel a little more smug and ahead of the times! You can't deny, regardless of trends, that natural wood is a steadfast favourite material.

The cool, creamy tones and natural grain of wood makes for a calming and peaceful atmosphere. It's this Zen feeling that really resonates with Korean styling and we are just huge fans.

Keep colours to a minimum

South Brompton Apartments, London PAD ARCHITECTS Minimalist bedroom

South Brompton Apartments, London


We aren't saying that you have to have a totally white interior but that a very limited palette for large areas is best, with light shades being the most attuned to Korean interior design ideas. It makes sense really as white is such a cool and relaxing colour.

Naturally, you don't have to embrace prescribed minimalism in your home but for a more Korean feel definitely try to stay closer to the pale end of the spectrum and limit the number of rich accent colours that you introduce in any great volume.

Add colour pops

1950's Cocktail Chair in Teal Velvet Sketch Interiors Living roomSofas & armchairs
Sketch Interiors

1950's Cocktail Chair in Teal Velvet

Sketch Interiors

While large areas of bright colours are not advisable for a truly Korean interior design scheme, vibrant little pops of dramatic shades are just fine, especially if they can have some retro flair to them as well. That's why we love this armchair so much.

In a predominantly white living room, with lots of natural wood on show, this amazing chair would look right at home and add just the perfect amount of personality to the space. Korean design has mastered the art of fun and function working together and we are devotees!

Make space for floor seating

Floor cushions bluebellgray BedroomTextiles

Floor cushions


Isn't it funny that even if you have a super comfortable sofa, sometimes you just prefer curling up on the floor? Well Korean interior design has you covered if you do this regularly as it likes to create floor seating spaces, wherever possible.

Super simple to accomplish, all you need are some oversized cushions and a cosy corner et voila. Floor seating you'll never want to get up from. You might even think about getting rid of your sofa as it's so comfy to sit on the floor and more often than not, great for your back, too.

Fill tall bookshelves

Korean interior design encompasses so many of our favourite things that we are shocked we haven't just upped sticks and moved out of the country. With floor seating and natural wood being some of our long-standing most coveted things, we are blown away to add super tall bookshelves to the list as well.

Rather than adopting squat, easily filled bookcases, try to be a little more Korean and choose tall examples that can be stacked all the way to the ceiling. In a light room, with not too many accent colours, such as this one, we think you'll agree that while the practicality is fantastic, it's the aesthetics that really impress.

Include shabby chic boards

Of course we all want a perfect floor that won't leave splinters in our feet if we choose to walk around barefoot but to embrace a few more Korean interior design tips into your home, try to leave some boards a little less than perfect. They don't have to be on the floor as you can repurpose tatty ones into beautiful wall shelving.

Shabby chic styling is a global phenomenon and Korean design has really taken it on board. It's a marriage made in heaven given how much natural wood is used in Korean homes and we know it's something we are happy to introduce into ours too.

For more global interior design inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Welcome Scandinavian Beauty Into Your Bedroom. Natural wood and boxy shapes rule supreme over in Europe!

Are you considering introducing some Korean influence into your home? Which idea most appealed to you? Let us know, below!

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