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7 bathroom trends for 2020 to copy right now

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Been dreaming lately about giving your bathroom a new look? Well, hold it right there, as we are about to save you so much money while also keeping your bathing / showering space super in vogue. 

That’s right, we’ve had our ears to the ground for quite some time (meaning we’ve been listening to what Bathroom Designers, Interior Decorators, and other professionals in the industry have been planning), and we have it here: 7 official trends that will be considered “hot” for 2020.

As always, you’re welcome! 

1. Tubs and sinks are getting creatively cultured

Loft Conversion Bathroom Urbanist Architecture Modern bathroom Multicolored
Urbanist Architecture

Loft Conversion Bathroom

Urbanist Architecture

Designers constantly change what standalone tubs and water basins should look like and where they must be placed. For 2020, they are going back to basics by putting our origins and culture first. Think of Japanese bathrooms where natural asymmetrical shapes and artisanal vibes are at the forefront of the space’s design. 

Your options? Depending on your available space, your standalone tub can be placed right in the centre, in a corner, or integrated into a wall! And treat your sink to a raw, natural look via rough-looking materials like stone, concrete, and marble. 

2. Fittings are becoming more striking

Bathroom fittings have their job cut out for them to become more prominent, especially in minimalist spaces. But for 2020, it sounds like we’re going to have more options for eye-catching fittings, as black, gold, copper, brushed, and shined finishes will be in! 

Your options? Pair your fittings with a simple-looking vanity and/or an open or glass-walled shower to make them stand out even more. 

3. Tile designs will become more graceful

Boston Bathroom Suites homify Scandinavian style bathroom Ceramic White

Boston Bathroom Suites


For 2020, extravagant-looking tiles are out and those flaunting a subtler style are in. Think neutral colour schemes, especially greys and matte blacks. And textured tiles are ideal for those seeking a more dynamic look and feel. 

Your options? Opt for tiles that will be timeless, like neutral hues in elegant designs. If you want to bring in some colour with your bathroom’s tiles, dark or light tones are best – stay away from anything too flashy.  

4. These colours will be hot in 2020

As per the Milan Design Show, 2020’s favourite colours are to be champagne, light yellow, and pumpkin red. 

Your options? Don’t go too far by painting or tiling your bathroom walls with these colours, especially yellow and orange which can be quite domineering. Rather sprinkle these tints around your bathroom via colourful accessories. 

5. Open showers are here to stay

Open-style Italian showers, especially those that are multi-functional with integrated benches, ambient lighting, anti-fog drain, etc. are set to become even bigger (not literally) in 2020. That’s thanks to the trend that will include the tub in the shower area. Just separate the bathing / showering spaces via a glass wall to make your bathroom look way more spacious. 

Your options? Think practical – just because you can have a shower-bath area doesn’t mean you should. It might look great, but those water- and soap residues will now end up at the bottom of your shower and bathtub, leaving you with more cleaning work! If you have the space, we suggest an open-style shower and a separate tub. 

6. Mother Nature is coming indoors

Independent Living - Bathroom ideas Victoria Plum Modern bathroom White
Victoria Plum

Independent Living—Bathroom ideas

Victoria Plum

Textiles with botanical prints are one thing, but for 2020 your bathroom’s commitment to nature will be more literal. Working with the fact that we’re more efficient and calmer when surrounded by nature, more and more bathrooms around the world will be integrating real-life plantation into their designs. 

Your options? Create a full wall of greenery, pick natural material tiles, have a full-size window looking out onto your lush garden, or even just bring in a single potted plant. 

7. Vanities will become slimmer and sleeker

Wynwood 800 washstand Heritage Bathrooms Classic style bathroom
Heritage Bathrooms

Wynwood 800 washstand

Heritage Bathrooms

2020 will be moving away from chunky pieces, especially when it comes to bathroom vanities – terrific news for those of us with small bathrooms. 

Your options? To make your slimmer bathroom vanity practical, only keep essential goodies in your space. Commit to storing the rest in hallway cupboards, especially anything that can “spoil” (like perfumes).

And while we await the new year’s trends to kick in, we have these Eye-catching bathroom flooring ideas for you to check out…

Which of these bathroom trends for 2020 surprised you the most?
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