8 stone walls design ideas to enhance your interiors

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You’ve undoubtedly seen numerous posts, especially here on homify, dealing with focal- and accent walls. Thus, you know there are numerous ways of spicing up a wall to make it stand out from the rest of a space – ways that include painting, moving furniture around, and adding architectural pieces such as fireplaces. Just ask any seasoned Interior Designer / Decorator

But today we want to introduce another way of styling up a focal wall to enhance your interiors: using stone. Yes, cladding up a wall with stone might require more time and money, but the results are so worth it (if you do it correctly, of course). And let’s look at the advantages of using stone!

Stone is extremely long lasting; it can work in just about any room in your home; and it’s one of the very few materials that can safely be used both indoors and outdoors. After all, the ancients were certainly on to something when they constructed spaces made of stone – most of which are still standing today! And compared to other construction materials, stone requires very little in the way of maintenance, refinishing, and replacing. 

Don’t worry if you’re concerned about those stone surfaces conjuring up a ‘cold’ look in your home, or making a room feel physically chilly, for that matter. Just like any other wall materials, stone walls can also be insulated. And there’s also the option of placing plants, furniture, and brightly coloured décor pieces in front of or near the stone wall to make it visually warmer. 

Convinced yet that an interior stone wall could be just the thing to liven up your home? Proceed with these 8 examples that show how to do a stone wall just right…

1. A fireplace and mounted TV already ensure a look-at-me vibe for a wall.

But you can take it one step further with a deliciously textured stone wall!

2. Perfect for the kitchen.

Standing Stone Pebble Tile Wall - Kitchen homify Built-in kitchens

Standing Stone Pebble Tile Wall—Kitchen


Tiles are always a good idea for a backsplash, so why not go even more natural with pure stone pebbles?

3. Off-white stone for a soft, tranquil ambience.

There's always the option of lending some colour to a stone surface, such as the case with this modern bathroom's adjoining patio.

4. What about a hallway?

Hallways are under-styled and overlooked far too easily. Just because they serve as the 'in-between' zones in a home, doesn't mean they can't also flaunt a most stylish look.

How about this rich combination of texture and pattern for your home's main hallway? There's so much detail here, additional décor pieces (such as paintings or photos) are not even necessary!

5. Make a grand first impression

Don't have a lot of legroom in your entryway? Forget about trying to squeeze in a beautiful chair or side table and instead look to your walls. That's when an eye-catching stone wall, like in our example, can be the perfect choice!

6. Get creative with your lights

Cleverly placed lighting fixtures can make any stone wall come to life. The constant interplay between light and shadow will ensure even more visual detail, no matter where in your home that stone wall is located.

7. Rich and rustic

We think we've made it clear thus far that stone walls are not exclusive to the rustic design style. However, if you do want your interiors to enjoy a deliciously rustic look and feel, a stone wall is the answer.

Try and combine it with some exposed timber ceiling beams and tiled / wooden flooring!

8. Styling up a shower

Pebble Shower - Pebble Walls Bathroom homify Scandinavian style bathroom

Pebble Shower—Pebble Walls Bathroom


Don't overlook the hidden, private parts in your home, such as the shower. Doesn't this sea-green tint and pebble design conjure up a nautical feel for this little shower stall?

We also have these 10 vibrant examples of amazing accent walls for further inspiration! 

So, did we convince you to add an interior stone wall to your home?

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