The new Swedish villa with heaps of space and style

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Vero Concept Mimarlık is the professional team in charge of our latest inspirational piece. Located in İzmir Turkey, the firm was founded in 2009 by two architects (Emre Öztürk and Gonca Ateş Öztürk). And since then, the company has been transforming the way clients view architectural structures and interior spaces.

With an ever-growing portfolio, Vero Concept Mimarlık takes on high-quality projects – not only in İzmir, but also across Turkey and even abroad. Every brief is interpreted by taking into account the client’s needs and wants, which materials would best suit the project, and how to best go about achieving first-rate results while still ensuring the finished designs are perfectly practical. And every project, regardless of size or location, is handled by a group of professional architects, interior designers, and graphic artists. 

Contemporary architecture is Vero Concept Mimarlık’ speciality, yet the company has also completed a list of projects in numerous other design styles—and today’s example is one of them. 

For this project, a family home in Stokholm, Sweden had to undergo a modern-day alteration. The existing house had to be transformed into a welcoming and spacious (850 m²) home flaunting the country design style. 

Let’s see how the experts did! 

Sublime comfort

It’s not just about visual beauty; comfort also plays a big role, seeing as the family actually wanted to enjoy their new living space. 

And thus, for the final design, the professionals chose warm materials and practical touches (such as a fireplace, large cushy sofa, spacious layouts, etc.) to ensure the utmost convenience.

Soft neutral tones dominate the colour palette here in the living room, where the family can lounge, socialise, and relish in some television in 5-star style interiors. 

A cosy little reading corner

Although a little reading nook forms part of the living room, it is creatively separated via a change in colour scheme. Also, the fireplace stylishly announces itself as this zone’s focal point (in contrast with the wall-mounted TV, which is the living room’s main accent piece). 

Buckets of natural light streaming indoors, as well as upholstered benches to sit and unwind with a nice book, up this area’s functionality.  

The main social space

The brightly lit dining room is the main social zone of the home, thanks to its elongated table and unforgettable style. In here, the design is more country, yet the final look still has heaps of elegance to flaunt, evidenced by numerous elements such as the two chandeliers, stone-clad focal wall in the back and elegant rug anchoring the dining zone to the rest of the space.  

One with the kitchen

Upping the home’s functionality furthermore is the breakfast bar right next to the dining area, which conveniently peeks into the kitchen. This ensures a convenient open-plan look for both areas, yet also successfully keeps the kitchen’s cooking zone apart from the dining one. 

Light colours for the furnishings and décor offset splendidly with the darker tones of the walls and floor.

An inviting (and practical) entryway

Seeing as no fewer than six people are calling this structure “home”, functionality has to reign supreme in the final design. Thus, the entryway with its clever storage areas for anything from coats and hats to shoes and other clutter pieces. The other side of the entryway (which is the following image) superbly implements under-stairs storage compartments without detracting from the space’s clean and neat design. 

Shall we take a look at the rest of this stunning new home?

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What are your thoughts on this family home’s new interior look?

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