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Want to update your home’s insulation? Trust Go4cork

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Go4cork is one of those rare-yet-important companies that puts equal effort into ensuring beautiful interiors for its clients and supporting our planet and environment. With an emphasis on lessening everyone’s carbon footprint, Go4cork is just the thing we need in the 21st century. 

And the prime material that is used in all its products? Cork, one of planet Earth’s most natural and recyclable materials. With cork, our interiors become that much more functional and ‘green’, yet visual style isn’t overlooked. 

Let’s find out how cork, thanks to Go4cork, is quickly becoming the next best thing in terms of modern building materials…

Insulating our homes

Dining room building materials Go4cork Modern dining room Cork

Dining room building materials


Aiding in the versatility and practicality of cork is its amazing thermal- and acoustic abilities. These ensure cork can insulate our homes, both inside and outside.

But in addition, cork is also quite durable and possesses terrific sound-damping qualities, meaning that when it’s used as an insulation material, it also helps to drown out street noises, neighbours’ sounds, even the subtle vibrations and buzzing of appliances and air-conditioning systems.  

The pros of using cork for insulation

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Home building materials


Still not convinced that cork can become the no. 1 insulation material choice of the 21st century? Then you’re probably still unaware that:

• Cork is compatible with a wide range of wall coverings, from wood and stone to concrete and steel. 

• In terms of installation, this natural material saves both time and effort. 

• Cork cancels out the need to wear protective clothing during installation, as it doesn’t cause any dust or irritation. In addition, it poses no threat to our health. 

• Cork is tough and good for the environment.

• It is 100% recyclable. 

• Cork can up any house’s energy efficiency levels. 

• Cork is fantastically damp proof, which is why it is perfect for areas that are prone to damp penetration, including roof constructions. 

How about using it for the office?

Office building materials Go4cork Modern living room Cork

Office building materials


Think that cork is just perfect for homes and nothing else? Think again, for all the benefits it has in terms of a building material (such as low-thermal conductivity, storing heat, releasing heat slowly and effectively, etc.) are translated just as effectively into a corporate office space.  

What does that mean for your office environment as soon as you make the switch to cork for its insulation? It means no more sweltering working environments in summer or cold interiors in winter! 

Why is cork such a perfect sustainable building tool?

Kitchen building materials Go4cork Kitchen units Cork

Kitchen building materials


It’s simple: cork possesses incredibly low readings of embodied energy. And remember that it’s also renewable and recyclable, plus helps to combat the effect of greenhouse gasses. 

Last but not least, cork is also a stunner in terms of visual beauty and raw texture. That means not only do you opt for an environmentally friendly building material, but also one that takes your interiors’ visual aesthetics into consideration. 

Insulating floors and roofs

Insulation boards Go4cork Modern walls & floors Cork

Insulation boards


Cork is very light, easy to alter, and can quickly be cut and applied to numerous surfaces. This makes it ideal for both floor- and roof insulation, not just walls. It is also warm to the touch and very hard-wearing, further enhancing its potential for 21st century’s homes and businesses.  

Let’s see what cork can do for our floors with Go4cork: Cork underlays for improved flooring.

Did we convince you to switch over to cork for your home’s / business’ insulation needs?
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