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One of the most important aspects of interior design is how to design a space with the right lighting. The right lighting has the power to affect the mood of an environment and its atmosphere. The question is though… what are the best lighting option for your home?

A kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of time socialising, cooking, eating and cleaning. Thus, lighting and the right design is very important as it is where we spend most of our time. Fluorescent lights are peculiar and can be harsh, but in the right setting they can be beneficial in lighting up a kitchen well and be used in a sustainable way. They can also create a bold statement and stand out or be integrated well into a room to provide the perfect lighting for a relaxed atmosphere. Here are some great examples for you to gather inspiration.


There is something to be said about spot lighting. It can work very well in the right setting. And the right setting is this kitchen. With the brick tiles, the black and white theme, it does take us back a little bit, whilst still being very modern. The lights really add a great sense of character to the entire room. They look like real stage lights giving them a fantastic fun factor. The brightness of the fluorescent bulbs is pointed wherever they need be and illuminate the room.

Spiral lighting

We love these spiral style lights. They have a real sense of fun and could add a great feeling of playfulness to any kitchen. The red cable really adds a contrast to the pendant lamp, making it look modern. It can take a halogen or fluorescent bulb, giving you an option on how you want to light your kitchen. We can see this in a contemporary kitchen, possibly over a dining table in an open plan home.

Stripped back

These lights are very sleek and contemporary. This is a kitchen with a bit of a difference. Everything is centralised inside the island and not on the wall. There are no units on the walls at all and all of the kitchen items are stored in the island instead. This makes the room feel very open and not closed in. The fluorescent lighting reflects this by being long and slender. The lights are well placed to ensure that the cooker and the sink are well lit, not to mention that when cooking we can see what we are doing.

Bright and right

We can see here just how powerful fluorescent lighting can be. This is a larger, open plan space that is very modern looking. Lighting is key in any space and here it has been used to it's full advantage. It even has under counter lighting to illuminate the objects there. The lights help make the room feel incredibly bright, which is perfect for a room where natural light is limited. A basement apartment would be the ideal place to have lighting like this as part of the design.

Additional lighting

Unlike the room above, we can see that this room has a large window that allows light to flow right into the kitchen. This doesn't mean that lighting isn't required for darker nights or as an addition on darker days. We love the brightness of the yellow work tops and this, of course, helps the room feel naturally bright. The ceiling light is something very simplistic looking, but it packs a punch. Fluorescent light from a strip like this will fill this room easily and light everything up. It is a simple solution and looks wonderful.

Futuristic fluorescent

We love this room. Everything about this kitchen looks futuristic. From the bubbles on the wall to the bright orange chairs. Colours are sharp and strong and play beautifully off of the more neutral tones around the room. There is a real sense of energy in this kitchen and it feels alive. This is definitely helped by the lighting choice. We don't think you could have a room like this and have it dark in anyway. The fluorescent lighting helps highlight every that makes it feel bright.

Understated lighting

So far we have given the impression that fluorescent lighting needs to be very bright. This isn't always the case at all. Simply adding a cover to the light helps make it feel warmer and we can achieve an entirely different effect. We can see from this image that the light gives of a warm orange glow, thanks to the cover. As we said before, there are a lot of options. The room is still well illuminated due to the strength of the light, so nothing is lost.

High gloss

Fluorescent lighting is the perfect match for high gloss kitchens. These spaces are modern and look brilliant with the brightness of this style of lighting. The gloss cabinets just look shinier and reflect light all around the room. We love the contemporary feel here with the lights.

Fluorescent rows

Once more we are showing a light that doesn't have to be harsh and too bright. As we can see here, the lighting offers plenty of illumination, but isn't something that will make our eyes hurt when we hit the on switch. These lights run the length of the ceiling and project upwards and outwards, giving the light a barrier, making it less harsh. Yet the room is illuminated very well and it doesn't feel dark at all.

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