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7 U-shaped dream homes for first-class inspiration

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The evolution of architecture (and Architects who have learned to think outside the box) has treated us to a wealth of new and unique designs. Gone are the days when a house was a simple box-like structure with minimal embellishments, for these days anything goes!

That brings us to U-shaped houses, which tend to feature quite a lot in modern- and contemporary designs. Flowing around a central space, usually a courtyard, a U-shaped house provides various advantages, with the first and foremost being a rich amount of natural light flowing indoors from multiple sides. In addition, a U-shaped house is also the perfect option if you want decent separation between your public- and private zones (such as your living room and kitchen from your bedrooms and bathrooms). 

Plus, let’s not forget that the U-shaped layout also makes optimal use of the building site, meaning you have more potential to enjoy picture-perfect views of your exteriors (an especially great benefit if you have a brag-worthy garden).

Feel inspired yet to design your dream home in a U-shaped layout? How about seeing some real-life designs? 

U-shaped dream home 1

New Canaan Residence Specht Architects Modern houses
Specht Architects

New Canaan Residence

Specht Architects

Built on a rising landscape, this U-shaped stunner deceives us from the front angle. Because you see, while it appears to be a one-floor design, it is actually a two-storey home!

And just see how the perfectly manicured touches of nature (especially the super tall trees in the background) add to the subtle, yet enviable style of this modern home. 

U-shaped dream home 2

More of a J-shaped home than a U-shaped one, this residential structure still ensures a cosy little outdoor zone perfect for some al fresco socialising. Our favourite part? That little fire pit area with surrounding benches!

U-shaped dream home 3

With generous glass doors and windows, U-shaped houses get to enjoy even more levels of natural light. Case in point, this modern design, with literally every part of the house (seen from the back, at least) looking out onto the back yard. 

Can't you see yourself entertaining guests on that covered porch on the right side?

U-shaped dream home 4

It's not often that an Asian-style house flaunts a U shape, which is why this exceptional example had to be included on our list. See how the wealth of intricate details (ornate roofs, textured and patterned walls, etc.) add to the overall rich look of the façade.

U-shaped dream home 5

With the garage area on one side and the living zones on the other, this U-shaped home is like a warm, welcoming hug seen from the front side. That is even more true thanks to the richly textured walls of exposed brick.

Not that there's anything wrong with the less-is-more design of this front courtyard, but how would you style yours up if this was your house? More potted plants? A garden bench, perhaps? How about a water feature?

U-shaped dream home 6

Sam's Creek homify Modern houses

Sam's Creek


Now this is sublime example of the magic of cladding materials. Look how those timber panels adorn the exterior surfaces from floor to roof, making the gaping courtyard here at the back (which forms the centre of the U shape) seem even more charming!

U-shaped dream home 7

We close off with a most interesting example. This house wasn't always in a U shape. It used to be a ruined stone building that had gone through some impressive wear and tear. Only after a full-blown renovation project, and the inclusion of that super modern glass structure in the middle, did this layout change into a modern U shape. Quite the impressive look from outside, right?

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Which of these 7 U-shaped houses would you like to copy for your own dream home?
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