6 beautiful ways to make your home doors stand out!

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Although most people tend to think of doors as a necessary and functional no frill addition to a home, doors can also be a part of the decorating scheme of a home. After all, a door is the first thing you see when you enter a home and the last thing you see when you leave. So it actually makes a lot of sense that the door should be seen as a decorative element as well. Furthermore, an average sized home may have about 20 doors altogether including cupboard doors—that's a lot of doors! Imagine the difference it would make if you just gave a few of the doors some attention, and took some effort to decorate them. This idea guide offers some excellent tips on how to make your doors a part of your decorating scheme. 

There are lots of ways to beautify your doors. Simple embellishments will give you almost instant gratification, but if you’re up for a bigger design challenge, you can give a door a head-to-toe makeover by stenciling an intricate design or by stripping it down and applying a distressed finish. 

We hope you will find some interesting ideas and refreshing inspiration through this idea guide. Let's see how we can transform a drab looking privacy providing door into an integral part of a room's decor by browsing through some of these tips. 

Choose an interesting door frame with decor

One way to highlight your door is to choose an interesting door frame or add colour or detail to an existing one. Pictured here, we see that a plain white door has been defined and framed with a beautiful wooden frame, adding a sense of rustic coziness to the space. You can also paint the door frame to coordinate with the colours indoors. For example, if your interiors are mostly blue and green, then it might be a good idea to paint the door frame either blue or green.

Browse through doors here on homify for more new ideas and refreshing inspiration.

Go shabby chic with rough paint

The shabby chic look has been gaining popularity, especially when it comes to doors. It's also a relatively easy look to achieve with rough paint. If you have an old door with a few layers of paint, all you need to do is sand down some parts of the door to reveal the old layers of paint. This will give also give your door a vintage feel although it might not even be an old door, you can make it look old and give it that old world charm. 

The lovely vintage door pictured here is designed by Doors Brothers Manufactory

Install a stained glass panel

Although doors are meant to create privacy, they can also bring more natural light into the home while beautifying it at the same time, such as the door pictured here. You can install a stained glass panel to your door to add more natural light to your indoors. The stained glass panel on your door will also illuminate your indoors in a lovely warm glow. Another idea is to add an array of small mirrors to the door. The mirrors will reflect some light, make the space brighter, and also make it seem larger than it is. 

Incorporate swivel doors for a futuristic feel

Incorporate swivel doors for a futuristic feel if your interiors are ultra modern. Swivel doors are highly versatile as they can swing in either direction and can be opened or closed by pushing or pulling. It reminds us a bit of the revolving doors in 'Superman' where he goes in as Clark Kent and comes out as Superman! 

Another popular modern look for doors is to stick wall decal or wallpaper on them. This way you can easily change the style and look of your door whenever you want to. 

Paint your door in a fun colour

An easy way to give your door a little pick-me-up is to paint it in a fun cheery colour. It could be a bright, striking colour that adds a contrast to the rest of your home or something that blends in more easily. Either way colours can add life to your home in an instant. If you're trying to create a certain look such as the Mediterranean look, it may be fitting to pick out warm terracotta colours or perhaps an ocean green turquoise. 

If you're not into bright, playful colours, consider painting your door with chalkboard paint. After all, the door is a practical place to leave messages. Furthermore, it also adds a creative vibe to your home. 

Use metal sliding doors for an industrial design look

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Steel resin sliding doors

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If you're looking to incorporate an industrial design look, we recommend using a metal sliding door such as the one pictured here. Sliding doors are also great because they save space and can be opened wide to let in plenty of fresh air and natural light. 

We hope you've enjoyed this idea guide as much as we have. For more home tips, inspiration, and ideas, have a look at 6 amazing hacks for a healthy lifestyle kitchen

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