7 Useful Advantages of L-Shaped Kitchens

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Think of the L-shaped kitchen as the jewel in modern-day kitchen layouts. It can flaunt any design under the sun (contemporary, rustic, Asian… ); it doesn’t require a lot of space (it makes the most of its available legroom); plus, it makes for much faster and easier functions such as cooking and cleaning. 

And seeing as any kitchen is, first and foremost, a working zone, that makes these three aforementioned benefits that much more exciting! 

As the name suggests, an L-shaped kitchen is made up of two adjoining perpendicular walls to form an L layout. Usually, the one arm of the L is the kitchen’s cleanup zone (which may include the sink), while the other is where the appliances are placed. And it’s not only professional Kitchen Planners that give a thumbs-up sign to the L-shaped option, as countless homeowners, chefs, and anybody else who come into regular contact with a kitchen are aware of this particular layout’s benefits. 

Thus, whether you’re planning a kitchen makeover or are currently scoping out new properties, take into account the various advantages that an L-shaped kitchen presents.

And here they are…

1. They’re great for open-floor spaces

As modern designs embrace open-floor layouts, it has led to L-shaped kitchens becoming even trendier, since its adaptable character allows the user more legroom for gadgets, appliances, furnishings, etc. Thanks to an L-shaped layout, you have more space for walking and mingling. 

2. It gracefully separates your various areas

We understand that you don’t want your food-prepping zone to be the same as your washing area. Thankfully, the L-shaped kitchen (similar to the U-shaped layout) ensures a more comfortable working environment by effectively separating your cooking area from your prepping- and washing ones. 

3. It can treat you to clever corner storage areas

Since clever storage is always key in any kitchen, the L-shaped layout once again scores thanks to its ability to add various smart corner storage units. Think of modern-day gems like the Le Mans and Magic units that rotate outwards and towards you, or the circular Carousel unit that rotates 360° to make reaching for any kitchen goodie much easier. 

4. It ensures a perfect work triangle

Whether your L-shaped kitchen is big or small, clever planning will ensure a perfectly practical work triangle (meaning your stove/oven, sink, and fridge will be placed in a triangular layout for easier functioning). 

5. It minimises traffic flow

For a guest-friendly and entertaining culinary space, the L-shaped kitchen is perfect as it eliminates traffic while allowing for sufficient working space for the cook (who can still enjoy interacting with guests). 

Should you be fortunate enough to have a bigger space, your L-shaped kitchen can even be treated to more countertops or a small dining zone, resulting in a more user-friendly cooking space. 

6. It increases productivity

Seeing as you have a comfortable layout, are conveniently separated from guests, plus have a perfect work triangle at your disposal, there’s no reason why your efficiency (and cooking skills) can’t skyrocket in your L-shaped kitchen! 

7. It’s ideal for smaller areas

Reality is that most kitchens are on the smaller side. And with the L-shaped design, your cooking space can be made to look bigger and more efficient, seeing as it only requires two adjacent walls. 

But of course there are other layouts also worth considering. Let’s discover A new you with a U-shaped kitchen.

Would you consider an L-shaped layout for your kitchen, or is yours perfect as is?

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