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We love gardens! No matter the time of the year, they're a sanctuary and provide a place to relax and unwind. Altering seasons change the look gardens and how they're used. In spring we plant and prune and in the summer we sit and entertain.  It would be great to do this in autumn too, if only the conditions allowed.

Post lighting can help us enjoy our garden throughout the year! They can be free-standing or attached anywhere suitable, making those darker nights all the easier to bear. Below, we are going to take a look at ten ways to light your garden with post lights in style.


A post light doesn't have to illuminate a whole garden by itself. In fact that may be very intense for smaller spaces and seem to overpowering. This is where a small post light—such as this one—may be appealing. Small and diminutive in appearance, but packs a punch. With the cap on the top, light is directed down and out to the side. So no light is wasted by going upwards into the night sky. A few of these around your grass or decking and it will look stunning. A simple touch to make such a big difference is well worth the investment, that wont break the bank either.


We have shown a large array of the garden post lights available out there. If you are still stumped, why not look at these clever little lights? They look like tree stumps by day, and—magically—come alive at night time! Well, we know it isn't magic, but the effect certainly creates that feeling. No matter which light you choose to put in your garden, whether that is post lights, wall lights or any other kind, just remember there is such a lot to choose from, for all budgets and styles.


We can see it is autumnal in this photo. The leaves have changed from spring green and are scattered on the ground. Autumn going into winter can seem like a dreary time of year, but it doesn't mean your garden can't look inviting. These small post lights look lovely and give off just enough light to show of parts off your garden. They would be perfect to light a pathway or to highlight features that we want to be able to see when we look out.


We feel that all gardens are unique.  And so they should be! They are a private space to chill out and entertain in. They should be something we can enjoy and decorated to our individual tastes. These garden post lights are a delight on the eye and would  inject a certain amount of fun into any garden. We think they are very modern and funky and add a real touch of something different, as far as garden post lights are concerned.


These lights are very minimalist in style and shape.  The fact that you can see the bulb inside certainly adds to the appeal of the whole light. The silver colour of the stem means it can go in any garden and won't clash with any colours that may be present. We can see these lighting an entrance or just placed around the garden edge to show the shape of the space.

Light and bright

This garden has gone all out in the lighting department and it looks beautiful. Redesigned by GK Architects Ltd, this garden extension really does maximise the size of this garden well. They have worked to transform a standard looking garden into something elegant and different. The lights clearly highlight all of the features of the garden and make it look very inviting. The use of small and tall post lights really make the space feel three dimensional. We can clearly see the green of the grass, as well as the other features the garden has to offer.


We can't decide if these are garden sculptures or lights! Clearly, they are a mix of both, and as a result, they look amazing. They would be suited to a modern garden space where you really wanted to make a statement. The light projected out of these particular posts isn't about making things visible, it is about showing off just how cool the lights themselves are! Of course they will light the garden at the same time, but these will be a real talking point amongst friends.


Lighting can be used for so many reasons. To show off our garden, to make it look bigger, or—like here—to serve a purpose. This courtyard style garden is beautiful in design, but could be quite precarious in the dark. The light posts going up the side of the stair case is as much part of the design as it is a necessity. They offer the function of really lighting a part of the garden that needs to be seen to be used.

Wood and glass

It doesn't come much more natural than our gardens, when referring to our homes. If stainless steel, or metal in form isn't up your street, then light posts like this one are worth considering. The wooden base topped with the glass in a turquoise colour looks wonderful and natural. These are a perfect addition to a decking area, simply because the wood tones would complement each other.

Post feature

A garden post light doesn't have to be something that you drive into the ground in the desired space. Why not make it part of the garden itself? We love these lights. They function as actual posts as well as lighting the beautiful wooden walkway in this oriental themed garden.

Which design would look great in your garden? Tell us in the comments, below.

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