Luxury Interiors for a Modern Four-bedroom Home in Pune

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The fabulous and opulent style of this home in Pune has been put together by the interior designers and decorators of Exemplary Services. The house has a luxurious look not only because it is spacious, allowing the designers freedom to design the rooms without being restricted by the area. Wood has been extensively used in and around the house to enhance the richness of the interiors.

Grand Entry

The home guarantees to impress as soon as one walks through the doorway. The luxurious look of the door with gold patterns is unusual and unique. The doors have been given large metallic handles which add to their charm. The look has been enhanced with panelling that borders the doors. Choosing the same colour of wood for the panel gives the doorway a grand appearance.

Modern Design

The TV unit is fabulous as it combines functionality with design to present an attractive feature in the living room. It includes a bookshelf that frames the television. By using transparent shutters for the cabinet, the designers have prevented the shelves from looking bulky. A combination of ledges and cubby holes allows for arranging artefacts as well as entertainment accessories.

Picturesque Sitting Room

An excellent way to create a stylish and luxurious look is to use white extensively. While an all-white look may make the design boring, combining it with rich textures or colours can completely transform it. Here, the dark chocolate brown of the wood in the centre table and the ledge richly contrasts the white sofas to add depth to the area. The single-seaters are quite unusual but look perfect in the room.

Modern Kitchen

One of the best ways to keep the kitchen open and airy is to use a lighter colour for the cabinets above the countertop. It helps in keeping the look fresh and modern. Frosted glass is excellent for the shutters in the kitchen as it provides visibility without opening the cabinet doors. The cover of the chimney has been made with the same shade of ply to add consistency to the design.

Magnificent Bedroom

The bedroom has a fabulous presence due to its luxurious décor. The design features decorative wall panelling in wood that extends from the back of the headboard to the ceiling to form a canopy over the bed. The natural colour of the wood is exceptional and adds warmth to the area without compromising on its sophistication. The rest of the room uses subtle shades such as white, cream and gold, which complement the richness of the wood.

Stylish Textures

Sometimes all that a bedroom needs is subtle design and texture to give it a luxurious look while it stays functional and practical. The bed has been curated for the room, and for making sure that its warm wood tone stands out, the wall behind has been given a textured finish with MDF. The white panel creates an excellent contrast against the wood. Get inspiration for contemporary homes from the Elegant Interior Design for a Two-bedroom Apartment in Pune.

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