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Furnishing accessories have evolved from simple complements to protagonists of an interior. Those that were once considered decorative elements, perhaps to fill a space left empty by a piece of furniture, today are objects that give character and can change the appearance of a room. 

In this Ideabook we see how even a particular shelf or a hand-embroidered cushion can add personality to a room and characterise it in a unique way, especially if handcrafted furnishing accessories are chosen. Unlike industrial accessories, handmade accessories have the advantage of being customisable and can adapt to a context according to individual needs.

It is not necessary to be a connoisseur, just rely on professionals who, thanks to experience, can transform and give a new identity to a space. This is the case of the projects carried out by Art of Living, by Alberto Cerracchio and Adina Berti, a studio with thirty years of experience in restyling, interior decoration, restoration and interior design. The professionals of Art of Living always try to empathise with the client, in order to fully satisfy them and interpret their desires. 

Solutions for every budget and every need, but never banal or obvious. Creativity and in-depth knowledge of techniques and materials allow one to always find an idea to embellish a space.

1. The decorated column

A column in the middle of a room can be seen as a disturbing element, but, when painted with a marine sponge and brush technique and treated with a wax finish, it becomes the protagonist.

2. Ceramic columns

Columns can also be added to furnish a living room in an original way. In the project in the photo, the coloured ceramic columns were lathed in several sections and then decorated.

3. Design bookcase in brickwork

The bookcase is one of those elements of furniture that often help to solve problems of partitioning or filling the space. Its use as a design piece of furniture is hardly ever considered. The solution adopted by Art of Living combines the two functions of the bookcase: on the one hand, the construction in brickwork makes it look customised and stylish, and on the other hand, it partitions the space in a discreet but impressive way.

4. Decorated bookcase

Another personalised bookcase, this time on the wall, made of wood and brick. The decorations are made of marine sponge and brush with natural colours and final wax treatment.

5. Coloured majolica tiles

If made with taste and craftsmanship, even coverings can become furnishing accessories. In this case, we see the inclusion in a kitchen of handmade majolica.

6. Tailor-made shower tray

The colourful ceramics can be found in this custom-made shower tray with handmade ceramic inserts. The style chosen is that of the oriental mosaic. A solution that gives character to the bathroom in an original and unique way.

7. The Greek fret

A handcrafted decoration does not need many other elements to give personality to a room. A meander stencil decoration designed and carved by hand furnishes and fills the eye.

8. The Mediterranean living room

A living room decorated in Mediterranean style, with a low wooden table in the middle, surrounded by sofas covered with fabrics displaying geometric patterns and warm colours. An intimate and welcoming space, perfect for relaxation.

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