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Garden fences with a twist

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Ah, the joys of one’s own garden. Knowing that merely opening a door and stepping outside will transport you to a fresh, lush space adorned with scents and colours. 

The advantage of having a great garden is that it presents so many opportunities. You can sit in it and enjoy some quiet time by yourself, and you can also use it as the venue to host your next al fresco dinner party. It also serves as a safe and fantastic play spot for the little ones. 

Of course together with laughing friends and decadent décor, you also want a healthy dose of privacy and structure in your garden. So, enter the garden fence, a stylish and practical idea for any garden of any size. And we all know that a fence done right immediately becomes part of the décor. 

But apart from the classic white picket model, what exactly are our options for the garden fence? Let’s see some striking examples that will, hopefully, serve as inspiration for your garden layout.

The beauty of bamboo

Just like stainless steel, bamboo is considered to be a very stable option when it comes to fences. And there is no denying that raw appeal it brings to every space it enters. 

But in addition to being quite sturdy, bamboo is also very light and frost resistant, meaning that your bamboo fence will need no additional treatment against the weather. It is also a very cost-effective alternative to a wooden or metal fence. 

Have fun creating textural contrast by alternating between bamboo and stone surfaces, as shown in our example above. Or alternate between horizontal and vertical panels for an eye-catching effect. Just keep in mind that bamboo is a flammable material, and therefore we do recommend that you keep your garden barbecue activity a safe distance from your bamboo fence. 

homify hint: Bamboo, the fastest-growing woody plant in the world, can reach over 10 metres in length, and more than 1,060 species of bamboo have been discovered.

Stunning in steel

When it comes to garden fences, stainless steel is one of the more striking options. Sometimes you can have slim balustrades from steel, and other times you can opt for something with a little more vivacity. And why not let that fence become a focal point instead of just a regular space divider? 

Case in point our example above, which looks like an entrance into a dream world. Adding an abundance of coolness to your garden space, this fence also provides the optimum in privacy – sorry, nosy neighbours! 

homify hint: Stainless steel is known to expand and contract as the temperature varies. That is why construction industries have to account for thermal expansion when they use steel material for buildings. For example, The Eiffel Tower is 300m tall during summer, but approximately 15cm shorter on cold days!

Create a country look

We on homify always love a good wooden surface, but our affections stretch further than a stunning wooden floor. Wood is one of the most versatile substances in existence, which is undoubtedly why it is trusted by so many architects and designers worldwide. 

But in case you are sick to death of white picket fences, but still want to make use of that splendid material, then how about infusing some rustic charm into your garden space instead? Stakes wire-tied together make for a more rustic and playful vibe than what is usually seen in typical suburbia, but who cares? It might just be the perfect choice for your garden fence. 

homify hint: The plane tree, a common sight on the streets of London, is brilliant at absorbing pollution and sheds its bark regularly so it can absorb more.

The magnificence of metal

Metal is another very popular choice for fences. We are not quite sure who came up with the idea of constructing fences that alternate between metal railings and brick columns, but it certainly makes for a prominent sight. 

Should you deem our example above a perfect choice for your garden (or something similar), be sure that the bricks in the pillars match to others used in your garden patio or house façade to tie the various landscape elements together. And cap the brick column with a plat piece of slate to shed that rainwater. 

homify hint: Some of the tallest free-standing structures in the world are constructed from metals, primarily alloy steel. This includes the tallest building, the Dubai skyscraper Burj Khalifa, which clocks in at an enormous 829.8m high!

Stunning in stone

Who dare thinks that a stone fence is outdated and belongs in the Stone Age? If built properly and with the right colours, a stacked stone fence can be a most eye-catching effect – even more so in a garden, as those earthy tones will contrast beautifully with the lush greens of your vegetation. 

A stone-fence garden adds an exciting mix of rustic and elegance that few other materials can achieve. Injecting rich texture and interesting detail, stone can be used with just about any theme or style. 

homify hint: Built in several stages, construction on Stonehenge began about 5,000 years ago as a simple earthwork enclosure that was used to bury the cremated remains of the prehistoric people. The stone circle was erected in the centre of the monument in the late Neolithic period, around 2,500 BC.

The foliage fence

Whether you’re seeking dividers, privacy, or an eye-catching topiary, why not allow Mother Nature to serve as a garden fence? A hedge is definitely an aesthetically pleasing option when it comes to separating your garden space and is usually less expensive than other fence types. 

Quite a few plant options can serve as hedges: boxwood, glossy abelia (a favourite among butterflies), sawara false cypress, and juniper to name just a few. However, part and parcel with hedges comes the fact that it requires regular trimmings and can take quite some time to establish. 

homify hint: Fancy a Wonderland-type look to your hedges? Sculptured hedges are a great substitute for the traditional hedge, and can be shaped into anything that may suit the needs of your particular garden.

From Wonderland to something a bit more eastern, let’s see what to do when: Creating Your Own Japanese Garden.

We’re dying to know...which fence would you pick for your garden? Let us know in the comments section!

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