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Healthy Hacks to Make your Home a Workout

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If you happen to visit a doctor one of these days with a common ailment, you won’t leave the clinic without a general list of dos and don’ts which include really simple everyday things that you skip – drink lots of water, avoid junk food and exercise, exercise, exercise. It need not be an extensive 40 minutes flat abs workout, but even a 30 minute walk that can make a difference.

Now, if only our habits improved overnight and we could ‘make’ the time in our busy lives to do all of it. Like all genuine and good advice, this gets forgotten for another day. Which is why we are here to tell you about six simple ways to turn things around!

We don’t have the space or a luxury of a home gym and the time to join one outside. But what if you could convert your home interiors in such a way that you get a healthy home without even knowing it?  Which means, you are now getting a home workout effortlessly. Though it sounds too good to be true, you need to simply follow these tips to see what we mean!

A nutritional boost – the juicer mixer

Nutrition-filled healthy juices make a great drink any time of the day. They are refreshing and when well made, they are a tasty and healthy alternative to everyday snacks. Everyone knows this. But very few people get around to actually making them actively at home and keeping them as a part of their everyday food habits. Laziness, lack of time, lack of good and quick recipes, boredom to access the juicer every day are some of the reasons that keep people away from the juicer. Here are some good home tips change this.

Get the juicer out and keep it in the kitchen where you can access it easily. If you have an electric juicer, keep it near a plug point so that you don’t have to spend time moving it around. Pick the flavours you like first and start with the tried and tested. A good banana milkshake topped with nuts can make you feel full and refreshed any day. Make room for one experiment a week. Try one new fruit or vegetable a week to try a new flavour or zing up the old one Don’t forget to use the mixer for soups. Give yourself an occasional treat. Love the good health that comes with juices and soups but do give yourself a break and have a chocolate chip double on the side. As long as you find what you make tasty, you’ll love to have your juicer around for more. Share your inventions on social media. Health conscious and foodaholic friends will ensure you stay motivated to use your juicer.

Reach new heights with a bouldering wall

An interesting way to stay fit is by taking a concept you may have seen in malls into your home. Bouldering walls work brilliantly if you have slightly high ceilings. Unlike climbing walls, these aren’t very high so you’ll need only a simple rug to break your fall.

Now comes a tip on what can make you get up and actually climb the wall and get some home exercise when all you want to do is relax

Start by building a shelf right on top of the bouldering wall near the ceiling.  Keep your favorite books there so that before you curl up to read, you start with a home workout.  Keep you favorite cookie jar up on the shelf—that way you can work out to ‘earn’ your cookie. Tag-team with your partner or friend. Put up a prize on the shelf and time each other on who reaches it first when covering a set path on the wall.

A long, stiff staircase

A long winding staircase can sometimes make you wish you had an elevator within you home. The last thing you want to do after a long hard day is climb long winding stairs. With the right motivation, you’ll be getting good home exercise from this task.

Climbing staircases is the best exercise you can give your hips and thighs – two main areas that body fat love to make its permanent home. Add motivational chalkboard quotes on the stairs so that you see them every time you go up.  Make it a part of your workout routine. Start and finish your exercise with 3-4 runs up and down the stairs

This is a stylish staircase is a creation from the house of Atelier FB based in Paris.

Soft floors for comfort

We happen to spend a good deal of our time at home on or feet (or toes) depending on whether you are running or walking around to get things done. Our tired feet deserve some pampering. So buy a simple area rug and cover your main living areas with it. If you can’t carpet the entire house, cover passages and walkways you use the most with a runner. Choose one that is a good mix of rugged and soft so that it works for everyday use and comforts your feet too.

Brighten things up with a sunlight lamp

There is a reason why we begin to unwind and settle down after sunset. And it’s the same reason that makes your mind wander and feel lazy on a rainy day. Our body derives energy from sunlight and our internal body clock adjusts itself according to the light it sees around it. (This is one of the reasons doctors ask you to not take your mobile to bed as the artificial light often tricks the mind to stay active and alert during rest time)

With most professional lifestyles including eight hours of desk work, our exposure to sunlight has become very limited. To change this you can use an artificial sunlight lamp. This lamp produces light of a wavelength that is similar to natural sunlight and helps mood and overall health.

A firm mattress for wholesome sleep

Though you love the luxury and comfort that comes with a super soft bed, your body will thank you for choosing a hard mattress. Recommended by doctors, especially for people with medical history, it tends to bring the maximum comfort your spine and is definitely beneficial as you grow older.

A healthy home interior doesn’t happen by accident. You’ll need to make it part of your lifestyle every day to benefit. But now you know how, and you see how simple it is, what are you waiting for?!

Apart from your health, change the health of your house too! Check out 6 ways to achieve a healthier home.

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