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10 steps to your stylish modern home office

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It doesn’t matter if your home office is used for running a business or just organising some bills and important papers, you deserve more than an old chair and table shoved into a corner. And remember that a home office designed with functionality and style in mind will become a place where you actually want to spend time. 

So, let’s see the 10 steps to help you set up your very own home office, as well as 10 designs from top-notch Interior Designers / Decorators to inspire you. 

1. Choose the right location

Regardless of how much time you spend in your home office, don’t stiff yourself on space. And take into account traffic flow and distractions (i.e. noise from neighbours).

And if you use your home office for client meetings, ensure that you have ample space and seating. 

2. Don’t sacrifice form for function

Everything from your desk and shelves to storage should serve you in your home office. So, before buying any furniture, consider your workflow and what items you need at your fingertips. Then look for pieces that are functional and aesthetically pleasing (i.e. a modern home office can feature artistic pieces or modern metal / wood furniture for a sleek style). 

3. Choose a top-notch chair

If you’re going to spend hours in your study, better invest in an ergonomically-correct chair that allows you to sit comfortably.

4. Splash your favourite colour on those walls

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There’s no need to stick with beige or pure white for your home office walls – you make the rules in there! But remember that you need a colour that can inspire you to tackle those deadlines. For some it might be cheery yellow, for others something calmer such as sky blue.

5. Enjoy the view

Barton Road Extension R+L Architect Modern study/office
R+L Architect

Barton Road Extension

R+L Architect

Why stare at a blank wall (even if it has your favourite colour painted on it) if you can enjoy a sublime garden view instead? You never know when inspiration might strike, and we believe that a neatly trimmed garden can do more to inspire than a wall or bookcase. 

And if your home office happens to be a windowless space, hang up some pretty pictures or inspiring quotations. Or position your chair to face the door. 

6. Pick homey accessories

Classical elegant frontage with a more relaxed facade towards the sea Des Ewing Residential Architects Classic style study/office
Des Ewing Residential Architects

Classical elegant frontage with a more relaxed facade towards the sea

Des Ewing Residential Architects

Even a super modern and professional study can still flaunt some personal belongings to induce a homey vibe. How about a pretty mug for those pens? Colourful notepads and sticky notes with cute patterns? Or a bulletin board wrapped in stylish fabric to up your space’s chic factor. 

7. Organise vertically and horizontally

Your average home office isn’t gigantic, which means clever use of space is crucial.  So, to beat the clutter, do what you can: hang some floating shelves to get papers and office equipment off your desk; get neat baskets to keep your mail and print-outs in one place; see if you can invest in furniture that aid in storage, such as an ottoman with built-in storage compartments. 

8. Be on top of technology

Although you can’t do much to make your computer (and printer and phone… ) prettier, you can hide those unsightly cords. First, make sure your office equipment is close to outlets and easy to reach if you need to unplug them. Cords on your desk can easily be encased in a cord cover and fed into a desk grommet to hide them underneath the table. Also, minimise tripping hazards by using cord winders, tubing, or a wire organiser for those cords on the floor. 

9. Don’t overlook the importance of light

Clerkenwell House 01 YAM Studios Eclectic style study/office Multicolored
YAM Studios

Clerkenwell House 01

YAM Studios

Not in the mood for eye strain and headaches? Then make sure your home office has plenty of light to help you be productive, especially once the sun sets. Position your computer monitor so that there’s no glare from a window. And layered lighting is always a great idea; thus, even if your home office already has wall sconces and/or ceiling downlighters, get a desk lamp to up the space’s illumination.  

10. Inspire yourself

SS16 Style Guide - Coastal Elegance - Home Office/Study LuxDeco Country style study/office Beige

SS16 Style Guide—Coastal Elegance—Home Office/Study


A few cherished knickknacks, some framed art, or a special photo on your desk can go a long way to inspiring yourself on a daily basis. It could be a reminder of why you’re doing what you’re doing, or a goal that you’re working towards. 

What will do the trick for you? A framed poster of your favourite city? Pictures of your loved ones? 

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