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Unique Art Nouveau Wallpapers to Personalise the House

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Carta da parati degli anni 70 Classic style walls & floors
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As the saying goes, the devil is in the detail. And the details are, indeed, more often than not, what interior design is all about: building up the layout of a space through the combination of the right pieces of furniture and lighting, but also the colours and textures covering the walls.

Into this equation, wallpapers represent a means of transformation, that very detail changing the bare walls of the home into a customised universe reflecting personal taste and feelings: wall décor can be instrumental in creating a comfortable and appealing atmosphere.

Patterned or designer wallpapers, like the many Art Nouveau models offered by Wallpaper from the 70s, an international platform introducing the latest trends of unique wallpaper design, can completely transform and improve the layout of a room, bringing in new textures, colours, structures, materials, patterns and designs.

Thanks to an enjoyable shopping experience and fast worldwide delivery, Wallpaper from the 70s is introducing its large range of imaginative and unique wallpapers products, covering anything from the bathroom to the children's room, from the kitchen to wall décor for large commercial projects.

This Art Nouveau-inspired collection of wallpapers brings us back to a time suspended between past and future, an era of elegance on the verge of the modern age, with sophisticated patterns and soft, curvy lines reminiscent of natural landscapes that can be combined to create stylish contemporary interiors.

1. A tropical touch

A classic Art Nouveau pattern with an imposing variation of colours, from light ivory to red, ochre and natural nuances of green, the design of Adina represents a rich solution for any room, providing an endlessly surprising and enchanting landscape.

2. Shades of blue

Cassia is a Wallpaper from the 70s' washable wallpaper which explores variations of blue shades. Still, ocean and violet blue fade into each other, emphasising the stylised iris blossoms shapes for an unconventional elegance, classic and contemporary at once.

3. Subtle sophistication

Black and ocean blue are the core colours of the composition of this visual Art Nouveau dream. Cortona wallpaper presents intertwining leave formations that create a stunning, labyrinthine pattern to fill a room with a subtle sophistication.

4. Positive vibes

An essential, classic wallpaper model inspired by the high art of Art Nouveau printmaking, Danne has to it the fascinating appealing of simplicity. A delicate pattern of colours on a pale yellow background: pale green, pastel yellow, doe brown and rosé that inspire positivity and calm.

5. Flower power

A delicate, sophisticated wallpaper, Denisa's flowered pattern can turn any room into a fairy-tale, magical space, exuding positivity and calmness. A classic Art Nouveau texture inspired by the leisurely richness of nature.

6. Dynamic movement, yet romantic and relaxing

Flower and stems intertwining create the texture of Desiree, a classic Art Nouveau pattern with a beautiful surface-print finish. The combo of oriental red, deep purple, and reed green bring to the wall a dynamic movement, yet romantic and relaxing.

7. Scent of Florence

The name says it all: Florence is a flower-inspired wallpaper model, classic Art Nouveau at its best. The delicate pastel tones characterising its surfaces make it a perfect cover for the walls of spaces such the bedroom.

8. Bright and versatile

The fine printing finishes of the Geraldine wallpaper bring about a romantic feeling, at the same time classy, light and informal. Its nature-inspired design makes it a versatile, bright boost to a variety of rooms.

9. Bringing about Harmony

A smooth, paper-based wallpaper model, Harmony is perfect for a country-like style, with a botanic and romantic look that cleverly tricks the eye into unexpected depths with its classic, intricate Art Nouveau pattern.

10. Pastel nuances

Imke is a wallpaper model that embodies perfectly the spirit of flower-inspired Art Nouveau patterns, exploring pastel nuances through the combination of pine green, pea green and touches of white.

11. Tiles-like texture

The Jella wallpaper's pattern is inspired by ceramic tiles, to cover the walls of different rooms, from the bathroom to the kitchen. Its rich design combines geometrical elements and nature-inspired themes into an astonishing classic Art Nouveau texture.

12. A romantic, dreamy netting

Another versatile Art Nouveau model, Lamine is an elegant wallpaper with a romantic and classic feel, a subtle, sinuous and rich pattern, that exploits light pastel nuances to wrap up the space in a romantic, dreamy netting.

13. A classic yet contemporary feel

A premium-quality, paper-based wallpaper, Midela represents an original take on the German Biedermeier style. Through cool and calm shades of green and blue, along with the green-white background, Midela quietly breaks away with style conventions, for a classic yet contemporary feel.

14. Delicate undertones

The delicate undertones make Rosmery a perfect choice to let the furniture emerge from a light background, yet rich in the subtlety of the texture and the classic sophistication of the Art Nouveau pattern.

15. Opening up the space

The wallpaper Zarina has a dynamic electric background and a pastel turquoise and white pattern with an imposing presence, perfect for bold stylistic experimentations. Its nuances and pattern recall the infinity of the sky, opening up the space of the room to unexpected depths.

The Unique Art Nouveau Wallpapers of Wallpaper from the 70s to Personalise the House

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