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The new light-steel modern villa by Pramo Prefabricated & Steel

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PRAMO PREFABRİCATED & STEEL Prefabricated home OSB White
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Architecture continues to evolve, seemingly on a daily basis. Thanks to innovative technology and professionals in the industry thinking more and more outside the box, we, as consumers / homeowners / tenants, are gifted with more options that help us to choose practical, effective and (in some cases) more cost-worthy ways of erecting residential structures. 

One of the newest “jumps” in architectural evolution is steel houses, for which we turn to our designer spotlight for today: Pramo Prefabricated & Steel. Located in the centre of Istanbul (yet working on numerous projects worldwide), Pramo Prefabricated & Steel is fast becoming a leader in the home-building environment. That is thanks to its commitment to the selling, manufacturing, and assembling of pre-manufactured structures (especially light-steel designs) that can be used for a variety of uses, including residential houses.  

Similar to reinforced concrete buildings, light-steel structures are also created in strong accordance with the relevant technical specifications to ensure first-rate and safe environments for the clients. Since light-steel structures are much lighter than your average, more traditionally built model, they pose less of a safety risk in an earthquake. But there are also various other benefits attached to light-steel designs, like the fact that they can tower up to 6 storeys high. And that, if they possess sufficient galvanisation value, they will be able to maintain their resistance for approximately 180 years. 

Today, we take a look at one such a magnificent residential villa which was constructed from light steel and designed and produced by the experts over at Pramo Prefabricated & Steel.

The back side with a pool

Providing a not-too-shabby area layout of 232 m², this villa perfectly captures the modern design in all its glory. Notice the strong linear designs, the neutral / earthy colour tones, plus the blend of different finishes, textures and materials (which, obviously, includes light steel).

And thanks to expert quality checking during the manufacturing- and construction processes, problems associated with traditional building methods are effectively cancelled out with these sublime light-steel models. 

Strong visual character

Of course functionality plays a huge role in the final design, but let’s not overlook visual style. The main building, for instance, flaunts a two-storey structure, clearly informing us that there’s plenty of legroom to work with. And those ground-floor windows and glass doors clearly commit to bringing a strong dose of exterior views (which, in this case, includes a terrific exterior socialising space with that pergola and swimming pool) and natural light to the interiors. 

The front side

What makes this building even more appealing is that it can seamlessly blend into your everyday modern residential suburb peppered with traditionally built homes, even though it makes use of light steel and is constructed in a different manner. 

The interior living spaces

Customer convenience is another prime factor that Pramo Prefabricated & Steel takes into consideration with every project, especially with bespoke designs. That is why blueprints are designed with the unique needs and wants of the client in mind (i.e. opting for an open-plan layout to up the socialising factor, or including a certain number of bedrooms or bathrooms in the final design). 

Perfectly eco-friendly

Another unique feature of steel structures is that they are suitable for recycling. That means, if necessary, the materials used in one steel structure can be removed and used in another building construction. That certainly adds to these structures’ positive reputation, especially in the year 2020 where all of us need to be doing our part to lessen our carbon footprint, live “greener”, etc. 

Complete customer convenience

All of the steel structures designed and erected by Pramo Prefabricated & Steel are done so by taking the specific terrain and climatic conditions into consideration. Thus, regardless of the type of soil of your location, or the type of weather typically experienced in your area (humidity, heavy rains, etc.), rest assured that the end product will be uniquely suited to make your living spaces as comfortable, functional, and user-friendly as possible. 

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What are your thoughts on this next step in architectural evolution?

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