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How To Choose The Perfect Mouse To Work

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The perfect mouse to work must be comfortable to use and meet our needs for use and budget: you can choose from many models. 

The mouse is a fundamental device with which you can perform many operations, from simple pointing on the PC screen to the features developed for gaming and work.In this guide we will see how to choose a mouse, analyze what are the aspects to be evaluated during the purchase, establish which is the most suitable device according to your needs and buy a mouse that can work properly. 

In fact, in the market you can find a wide choice of models, from cheaper mice to optical and laser pointers, from travel devices to professional devices for graphic designers and programmers.

How to choose the right mouse

The mouse appears may seem like a simple operation, but it is not. Before proceeding with the purchase it is good to analyze the use that will have to be made of the mouse and the features that best suit our needs. Here are some suggestions on these aspects to consider.

Using the mouse: work or gaming?

The first aspect to consider before buying a mouse is the intended use, ie the type of activity for which the pointing device must be used. Each model offers features in agreement with the use, so it is important to decide if you want to buy a wireless or wired mouse, a device to work many hours a day on the PC, a gaming mouse or a professional optical cursor. Depending on the category, it is possible to focus only on terminals suitable for these tasks, equipped with the required functions, see details 

Wireless or wired mouse

The second step concerns the choice between a wired or wireless mouse. The first is a classic device, rather reliable and precise, with several models that offer advanced features, suitable for example in the office or for use with a gaming PC. The wireless mouse on the other hand is a slightly less efficient device, although in recent years the quality of these cursors has increased considerably, therefore they are preferable as a travel mouse, or for those who often move from one place to another, using the cursor with the laptop in various locations.

Technology and mouse connection

Then it is important to consider the technology , since the portable mouse can communicate with the PC wirelessly, therefore using a 3G or 4G internet connection, or through Bluetooth, a solution that allows communication between the two devices even in the absence of a connection Wi -Fi or mobile. In addition, the wireless models require the presence of a receiver, a factor not to be underestimated for the purchase of the mouse, while the Bluetooth models work without problems with any notebook and PC in the market, without further installation.

Movement mechanism and number of keys

To understand which mouse to buy it is essential to take a look also at the movement mechanism, in fact some models require continuous movement of the device on the mat, to change the position of the pointer on the screen, otherwise it is possible to choose a trackball mouse, a mouse with a ball which avoids the continuous movement of the appliance. In the same way it is essential to check the number of keys, since the simple models have just two buttons plus the classic washer, while the advanced ones can also have lateral or programmable keys, with horizontal, vertical scrolling or with the thumb.

Mouse resolution and pointing

Despite common opinion, mouse resolution is not an important parameter because it is extremely difficult to notice small differences in the cursor icon, therefore a difference of a few DPI (pixels per inch) is almost never perceptible. On the contrary, it is essential to evaluate the sensor of the device, choosing an optical or laser mouse. The latter also works well on smooth coatings such as glass and is quite precise, while the optical mouse is quite fast, however it remains more sensitive to dust and shows problems if the surface is excessively smooth.