7 important tips for decorating your child’s bedroom

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It’s entirely possible that designing and decorating a child’s bedroom could draw out your inner child (and interior designer, of course). It could even become an opportunity to experiment with finishes, colours and features that you would like to have picked had you been in charge of your own room all those years ago. However, while going on this journey filled with stripes and polka dots, hot pinks and ocean blues, and a world of other design-related features, it’s important to keep a clear head and focus on the most important areas of your project.

Remember that a child’s bedroom, whether they’re toddlers or teenagers, needs to serve multiple purposes and provide space for playing, studying, sleeping, relaxing, etc. But it should also provide your child with a sense of safety and comfort.

Whatever budget or space (or child) you’re working with, see these 7 important tips to help you design and decorate a stylish and practical space for your offspring to flourish in!

1. The walls

Want your child’s bedroom to have as much staying power as possible? Pick a neutral colour for the walls. That off-white (or cream, or beige… ) will serve as the blank canvas for forthcoming decorative objects (of any colours), and picking a soft and subtle hue will help make your child’s room seem larger and more open. 

homify hint: Can’t resist a bit of colour and pattern? Limit yourself to just one wall or the ceiling to make a splash so that your chosen motif and tints don’t dominate the entire space. 

2. Storage

The great thing about storage options is that there’s a whole world to play with. From floating shelves and bespoke cabinetry to furnishings with built-in storage compartments, make sure that whatever type of storage you go for embodies the perfect combination of form, function and fun.

3. Décor and accessories

With subtle walls, you have more excuse to play with art pieces, vinyl stickers, and other elements that can add colour and character to your child’s bedroom. Graphic or modernist prints can make a space inhabited by older kids seem more sophisticated.

homify hint: Looking for a feature that will inspire creativity? Consider splashing some chalkboard paint across part of a wall for your child’s homework assignments, lists of chores, creative scribbles, etc. 

4. Lighting

Layered lighting is the key term here: spot lighting creates warmth, task lighting above or beside a bed can encourage reading, and simple string lights can set up a cosy ambience. 

Plus, never discount the soft glow of some fairy lights or even a friendly animal lamp and what it can do for someone who needs some extra reassurance and comfort after dark. 

5. Soft furnishings

Kid's Bedroom Clean Design Modern style bedroom
Clean Design

Kid's Bedroom

Clean Design

Rugs, curtains, cushions and bed linen can all provide more opportunities to add pattern, colour and fun to your child’s room. But keep texture in mind, too. How about a super soft wool throw or sheepskin blanket to provide some warmth and cuddly texture to your child? Or a canopy draped around the headboard for an extra plush look? 

6. Hang-out zones

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Regardless of how large your child’s room is, you’re going to have to define the different zones intended for different activities. Encourage them to relax with a good book by setting down a colourful (and super comfy) bean bag or hanging up a hanging chair. Study time can be made more appropriate with a neat desk, while a mini tipi is ideal for some cosy play time. 

7. Versatile pieces

Shopping with a ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ mindset is one of the best things you can do. After all, various creative designers and inventors have gifted us with chests of drawers that can double up as baby-changing stations. Or upholstered ottomans (with built-in storage boxes) that can serve as chairs or even tables. See what pieces you can find that helps to save space in your child’s bedroom while also adding to its functionality and style – and enjoy this project. After all, they’re only young once!

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