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Big tricks for furnishing a small kitchen

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As we have noted here on homify before, the average home size is shrinking, and urban living in small spaces are becoming more prevalent. This does not mean that people’s desire for fully functional and exciting living space are diminishing too. It is possible to live full lives in small spaces, and more people are starting to prefer this.

The limitations of size are felt in one room in particular, namely the kitchen. A kitchen is used every day and several times a day, and therefore we may be more aware of its restrictions than that of other rooms. There are ways to make the most out of your small kitchen, however, and they are wide-ranging and easy to apply.

Today on homify we will present to you just a few tips to furnish your small kitchen, making it feel bigger and promoting optimal function. Let’s begin!

Open shelving

An important thing to do in any small space, is to reduce the visual weight that the room carries. The way we perceive a space is just as important than the actual space available, as it affects our overall impression and feeling towards the area.

Installing open shelves instead of closed-off cabinets can one of the best ways to do this. Open shelving is much less bulky than cabinets and cupboards, and the open areas create the illusion of much more space in the room.

An added benefit of open shelving is that it allows you to show off your favourite kitchen items and cookware, using your functional objects as decorative instrument as well.

A round table to save space

Effectively furnishing a small kitchen requires us to streamline and find solutions with the best space – function ratio. An object or piece of furniture that can be used optimally while taking up the least amount of space will be the one best suited to a fully-functioning small kitchen.

Many of us have a breakfast nook or small dining table in our kitchen, and there is no need for us to give this up simply because of area restrictions. A round table instead of a square or rectangular one will be the best way to go. The corner-less form of a round table ensures smoother movement around the object, and allows equal access from any side.

Vertical decoration in stead of using workspace

When it comes to a small kitchen space, you have to make use of every last bit of usable area at your disposal. This includes the walls. Kitchen walls are often the pinnacle of dead space in a home, but if you want to make the most out of your small kitchen, it is time to resurrect.

Wall-mounted racks to hang your pots and utensils, magnetic strips or boards for knives, and hooks on which to hang items are all popular uses for wall space. In addition to this, however, you can make your kitchen wall space home to decorative items. In this way you will open up more work space on the counters and shelves, whilst not having to sacrifice your well-chosen decorative objects.

Easy-to-clean surface

Deciding on what type of material to use for the surfaces in your kitchen is an important consideration in any situation. In a small kitchen, this choice also becomes an opportunity for you to make the space feel bigger and render it more functional.

Stainless steel counters and appliances, or the use of class tiles are easy methods to bring reflection into your kitchen. Just like mirrors, these surfaces create the optical illusion of more space than what there actually is. In addition, these types of shiny surfaces are super easy to clean, and a clean kitchen always feels more generous and fresh.

Use wood—light wood

Wood is an excellent material to use in any kitchen space, since it is warm and natural, lending a distinct homey character to the room. It can be especially useful in small kitchens, though, as it adds texture and depth without taking up more space.

It should be noted that the use of light wood is encouraged, and you should stay away from dark wood altogether in a small space. It is essential to stay within the low contrast range when it comes to your colour scheme. As we well know, white and neutral colours make a space feel bigger, and having all of your surfaces in the same colour scheme or with little variation will expand your kitchen’s perceived area. Dark wood or any other dark colour in the kitchen will make the space feel smaller and constricted.

Petite white chairs

Choosing the furniture for your small kitchen is also an important step. As we have already mentioned, a round table can save you space and open up the area. Chairs, on the other hand, can be just as helpful.

When you choose chairs for your kitchen, be sure to keep the sight lines open in the area – this will make the room feel more spacious. You can do this by opting for backless bar stools or pieces made of wire. Mostly, we still want to have comfortable chairs, though, so try and find a middle ground in comfy chairs with lower than usual back rests. If you’re not too keen on the wire idea, white chairs can work just as well, since the same principal applies here as with the use of lightly coloured materials.

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