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7 ideas for your outdoor seating areas

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Never has there been a better time than now to get creative with outdoor seating spaces at home. Fortunately, there exists a range of options to try, from traditional garden benches to 100% weatherproof dining seats. Of course we’ll never judge anyone who prefers the less-is-more method and, for instance, plops down a few colourful cushions on a veranda – you do you! 

For those who feel like trying something else (and which involve a bit more effort and creativity), scroll forth…

1. Get creative with courtyard corners

With clever seating ideas, every millimetre of your outdoor space can be used to its full potential – even courtyards which have the potential to feel very enclosed by surrounding walls (which can be hidden via cleverly placed features like potted plants, string lights, etc.). 

2. Dazzle your deck

Got a nice little wooden deck at home which you don’t really spend too much time on? Cue the placement of a humble bench or some chairs, a table, a handful of décor (like colourful pillows or potted flowers) and some day-to-night lighting to transform that underused outdoor zone into something which you can actually call your own. 

3. Zhoosh up a quiet garden corner

Why waste precious space in your garden’s corners when those areas can be made so much more practical (and beautiful) via some choice seating spots and maybe even potted shrubs for a touch of colour and foliage? To make your new outdoor seating spot even more secluded and tranquil, try trailing plants and pretty blooms! 

4. DIY your own outdoor seating

Got some DIY muscles you’ve been dying to flex? If you have a thing for wooden pallet furniture, you can busy yourself with a surprisingly easy little project. Plus, experienced DIYers don’t need to be told that there’s so much fun and freedom in creating one’s own pieces as opposed to buying off-the-shelf solutions. 

5. Style up a breakfast nook with a bistro set

Bramblecrest Bergamo Bistro Set (Black) Daniel Department Store Garden Furniture
Daniel Department Store

Bramblecrest Bergamo Bistro Set (Black)

Daniel Department Store

When was the last time you enjoyed a morning snack (or afternoon glass of wine) in your own private garden? And we don’t mean by plopping down on the ground. Take advantage of that fresh air and sunny spot outdoors by placing a French-inspired bistro table with matching (or perhaps even contrasting) chairs. Add your snack of choice, maybe some good company (if you’re up for it), and enjoy! 

6. Plop down a sofa set for casual (outdoor) entertaining

Speaking of underutilised corners, see where else on your property you can take advantage of potential space. That veranda flowing out of your back entrance? The deck near the pool? Fix that problem by adding comfy seating, blankets, appropriate lighting, and maybe even a fire pit (or something equally suitable) to transform a daytime socialising zone into a night-time one! 

7. Highlight outdoor dining

Know what makes sitting outdoors even more fun and comfortable? Eating! That’s why, if you love playing host, consider adding a dining table (with chairs, obviously) the main focal point of your garden / veranda / courtyard… Complete the look as you would on the inside of your home (via scented candles, plush pillows for the chairs, outdoor lighting fixtures to properly illuminate any social activity extending past sunset, etc.)

Bonus points if you’ve got a little raised area / platform for that outdoor dining zone to make it more prominent! 

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Which of these outdoor seating areas would you most like to add to your home?

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