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7 ways to add more style (and substance) to your hallway

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Once upon a time, we humans invented the hallway as an in-between zone to conveniently link up one room / area of a house with another. These hallway spaces proved to be so functional that they became part and parcel of house (and other structure) designs. But although they’re quite useful, they’re not always the most visually pleasing spaces – especially since most hallways tend to be quite narrow, which makes styling them up rather tricky (unless you’re a professional such as an Interior Designer / Decorator who lives for design challenges such as this!).

Today, we’d like to take a moment and focus on the trusty old hallway – and then examine some ways in which a boring, under-styled hallway can be gifted with a fresh coat of style and functionality.

Let’s get started…  

1. Create a gallery wall

An oldie, yet a goodie. Where some people see a blank corridor, others see a clean canvas just waiting to receive some colour, pattern, and a lot of personality. Besides, is there a better way of personalizing your home with family portraits and exciting art pieces? 

homify hint: Go with coordinating frames in a single colour to create a cohesive look. 

2. Throw together some contrasting colours

Yes, a splash of new paint is definitely on our list, but instead of making your hallway light and bright (off-white tints, creamy colours, or beige hues, anyone?), why not consider interspersing dark shades amongst a lighter scheme? Those bold hues will definitely make anyone do a double take, since it’s so out of place to paint a hallway a darker colour. 

If you’re worried those darker hues might swallow up your hallway, add in a row of pendants or spotlights to instantly create the illusion of a longer and much lighter space. 

3. Make it (much) more modern

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Avenue Road


If you’d like the modern style to seamlessly sweep through your entire hallway (no matter if it’s the entryway or a simple in-between zone linking up one room with the next, think complementary neutral hues, sleek flooring, geometric patterns, strong linear designs, and curated accent pieces.  

And if you need a little surface for stashing stuff, we recommend a neat (and thin-styled) storage bench which doesn’t take up too much legroom.

4. Expand the space with mirrors

Many flat dwellers already know the appeal of a round mirror in a tiny spot. But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself how a generous mirror (or lots of tiny ones) can help reflect light and double up your hallway’s visual space. 

5. Lay down an area rug

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Interior Designe Rome


An area rug (also called a runner) is the fastest way of defining a narrow hallway and gifting it with some warmth. Add to this look with some pendant lights and possibly a few potted plants (if there’s adequate legroom) to make that once-gloomy corridor so much more inviting. 

6. How about a table?

Obviously the right furnishings can add to a space’s comfort and functionality, and trust us when we say the presence of a slim table can make all the difference to your narrow hallway. Build upon this look via a striking table lamp and perhaps even an eye-catching art piece on the wall behind / above it.

No legroom for even the tiniest table? Try adding a floating shelf!

7. Add a built-in bookcase

E2 PAVILION ECO HOUSE, BLACKHEATH E2 Architecture + Interiors Modern corridor, hallway & stairs
E2 Architecture + Interiors


E2 Architecture + Interiors

Don’t be discouraged by that blank wall. Instead, see it as an untapped source of storage in your hallway. Think about investing in a proper built-in bookcase (as it takes up less legroom than a free-standing one) to add character and practicality to that previously underdone corridor. 

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Which of these ideas will you try out in your hallway?

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