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A must have checklist for your garden

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Just as you cleverly add different elements to your interiors (a framed painting in the hallway, a beautiful desk in your study, etc.), the same way creativity is needed when it comes to those exterior spaces. Yes, you may already have a lush garden or just a fresh lawn, but what will you add to it? More flowers? Some new potted plants? What about the rest of the lawn? And your front/back garden?

Luckily, a garden is not your only option for your exterior areas. Let’s see some other creative ways for you to spice up the space around your house.

1. A gazebo

Apart from a stylish terrace or patio, is there any better way to bathe in the beauty of your landscape than sitting in a gazebo? Whether it’s to enjoy a gin and tonic, a fantastic page-turner, or just to catch up on the day’s events, a gazebo can certainly bring some panache into your yard and your life.

We recommend going with a wooden version, as there is something about combining that structured timber with the natural greens of your garden / lawn.

2. An exterior kitchen

Yes, we know your kitchen and dining room are set for those fabulous dinner parties at your house, but what about those al fresco evenings? Whether it’s a Saturday afternoon barbecue or a romantic dinner for two under the stars, there is just something about enjoying good company (and good food/wine) out in the open. 

All you really need is adequate space for prepping and eating, so start thinking about the style and design you want your exterior dining space to have.

3. A stylish stroll

Traditional Garden Unique Landscapes Country style garden
Unique Landscapes

Traditional Garden

Unique Landscapes

A walk around the block can do wonders for your health and mind, but there’s another way you can enjoy a good walk if you have the space to spare.

Bring a delightful garden path into your life. Not only is it a fancy addition to your garden / yard, but knowing that you have your own exterior trail will entice you to get out of the house more. Embellish it with beautiful plants and stylish decorative elements (such as a water fountain or a bench) to create your own little backyard paradise.

4. The kids’ corner

That lovely lawn is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, even the little ones. So, why not bring in a fabulous jungle gym that can entice the youngsters to get out of the house and out into the fresh air? 

A swing-set, monkey bars, a slide… there are numerous possibilities that can make up a play set for those energetic kiddies. And even if you don’t have any kids of your own, a fantastic addition, such as the one above, will be greatly appreciated by your friends’ youngsters the next time they visit.

5. A firewood space

Little Eden Aralia Country style garden Wood Brown

Little Eden


You know that spring and summer won’t last forever, and before we know it we’ll be feeling that chill creep into the air. Then suddenly blankets are pulled from the closet and fireplaces are being lit. 

Don’t get caught without a decent heap of wood! Arrange that open space outside into a stylish little storage area for those piles of firewood, whether for your fireplace or for those barbecue evenings. But there’s no need to just pile them untidily against some corner; add some flair to your exterior space by arranging it into a neat seating structure as shown above.

6. A stylish lounging spot

A country garden in the Cotswolds Bowles & Wyer Country style garden
Bowles & Wyer

A country garden in the Cotswolds

Bowles & Wyer

There is no need to break out the tools and start constructing stuff just because you have a little extra legroom in your garden. You can also opt to just get some very comfortable loungers that will allow you to kick back and enjoy quiet time in style. And since loungers are conveniently small and light, you’ll be able to easily move them to your desired spot to get the best view. 

Watch the sun set. Read a good book. Or invite a friend over and take that gossiping session (and bottle of Merlot) to the lounging spot.

7. A rock garden

A garden can be so much more than flowerbeds and plants, you know! How about constructing a decadent little rock garden to really zhoosh up your lawn space. 

All you’ll need are some decent sized rocks packed in a natural-looking structure. If you want, you can add a few plants to make it look more natural, or even opt to bring in a water setting. This is sure to wow not only your garden space, but also your guests.

8. Shelf space

Shelves are a miracle invention. On the inside they can adorn your space by proudly displaying your books, keepsakes, dishware or décor. And on the outside they can pretty much do the same! 

Adding a few shelves to a garden wall presents prime space for you to flaunt a few potted plants. Or store your herb garden. Or keep all your garden tools and equipment in one, neat setting. 

And the fun really gets going once you start adorning those shelves with some climbing ivy, decorative paint, or other creative elements.

9. An amazing amphitheatre

Atmospheric Garden, nestled in the Sussex Downs Borrowed Space Country style garden
Borrowed Space

Atmospheric Garden, nestled in the Sussex Downs

Borrowed Space

What you do in your garden space depends on the type of land you have, i.e. type of soil, available space, sloping landscape, etc. 

Our designers above, Borrowed Space, saw the sloping landscape and instead of seeing a problem, they saw an opportunity. Some creative thinking and hard work were mixed, and an amazing amphitheatre-like area sprung up, allowing for stylish and spacious seating to enjoy a barbeque / bonfire setting.

10. Garden furniture

If you want to opt for decent garden furniture, you need to consider all the factors: seating space, table surface… ah, but what about cover?

A parasol is definitely a clever addition to a garden seating space, not only for those unexpected drizzles, but also for sunlight. Isn't this furniture set above just the most charming-looking space you can imagine? What will it look like in your garden?

11. Add some romance

You know that romantic scene in that movie where the lovers kiss on the bridge over the river? That could happen in your very own garden! 

A neat little water setting (like a duck pond) is created. Then a charming wooden bridge with twirly-whirly balustrades is added. Complete the scene with a silver moon and some romantic music in the background… perfect! 

Let’s take it inside! See how to: Design A Seductively Romantic Bedroom.

12. A pretty pergola

Speaking of perfect ideas, how about considering a tasteful pergola to go with your garden? You’ll want some shade for your passageway / sitting area, so you may as well opt for a unique architectural blend that places you both inside and outside at the same time. 

And things can really take a stylish turn once you add some climbing plants for beauty and effect.

13. A water feature

Lion Head Water Fountain Unique Landscapes Country style garden
Unique Landscapes

Lion Head Water Fountain

Unique Landscapes

Water just adds a little something to a space, don’t you agree? If you do, then you might want to think about bringing in a water feature, like a fountain. 

Numerous fountains are available in a variety of styles. They can be ultra modern with geometrical shapes. Or they can add a whimsical feel to your garden (i.e. mermaids, tea cups, dragons). Whatever style you choose, that soft, soothing sound of flowing water is sure to inject your garden space with an unmatchable ambience.

14. Time for a barbeque

Going hand-in-hand with our exterior kitchen space, a barbecue grill can be the ideal addition to your garden. It can be used in both summer and winter, with or without friends, and is a sure-fire way to get you and your family out of the house more often (even if it is just into your back yard). 

So, add that piece of steak, top up those glasses, and kick back in your deluxe garden space while waiting for your top-notch grilled meal!

Which features will you be adding to your garden?

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