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Is having a small flat the end of the world? Absolutely not! We all know that great things can come in small packages. Or at least small packages that have been carefully decorated to include lots of clever and functional storage.

Take a look at some of our favourite ways to get the most from your small flat and try a few out as you might be surprised at just what a big deal your little home could become. Always remember that when space is at a premium, you need to get to grips with innovative storage!

Entrance hall

If you think it is simply impossible to make your entrance hall a little more useful or small flat friendly, think again. Even the most cramped of hallways will have some magic to offer and fantastic functionality that you hadn't considered before. 

Take a look at this fabulous entrance. We think it looks classic, welcoming and homely but then we see inset shelving and we are more in love than ever. Built into the wall, these cubbyholes offer an easy way to keep belongings off the floor and away from high traffic areas. You could even keep an umbrella in there, just in case!

Living room

In a small flat every square inch of space matters so try not to be tempted to give into the compulsion to buy the largest sofa that you can accommodate. This is such a waste of precious floor space and will not add to a cohesive design scheme either.

Small, angular pieces of furniture are great for a bijou home as they can be moved around, offer comfort and look stylish, too. Don't think that pieces such as this have to be boring though. Just take a look at that wonderful yellow number, which would brighten up your living room in a flash!


If you don't have a huge amount of disposable space in your home try not to waste what you do have on frivolous or impractical items. While you might love the idea of a jukebox or even a pinball machine next to your fridge, is it really the best way to account for precious room?

We understand that you might be gung-ho for some dining room furniture within your kitchen and that's not a bad move at all, if you can comfortably accommodate it. Why not take some inspiration from this example, that shows an extendable table? Perfect!


Loft Bathroom homify Classic style bathroom

Loft Bathroom


When it comes to the bathroom in a small flat, we don't think you can go wrong by keeping everything as clean, simple and fresh as possible. Try to avoid too much storage in this room as that in itself can look bulky and untidy, if not chosen correctly.

We love this space from Studio TO as it's the right combination of accessibility, colour and style for any small home. It looks cutting edge and chic but still offers only the essentials, without bogging down the room in excessive amounts of toiletries or extra features.


In a small flat your bedroom is a haven of potential storage, especially if you are a little bit of a clothes or textiles hoarder. Anything that can fold flat, like these items, will be ideal for storing in under bed cartons and vacuum bags.

You might be thinking that keeping things under the bed is a little bit of a high school endeavour but you'd be shocked just how much untapped space is under there. Think of the other upside too; you'd need to hoover under there a lot less!

Chill out zone

Any small flat, even a studio space, will have odd nooks and crannies that can be put to good use so why not try to find storage solutions that will fit your oddly shaped and bizarre-height walls? Flat pack companies will be a great place to start as there are now a lot of 'hack' tutorials online that can inspire you to customise your purchases to fit your home perfectly.

A small flat doesn't have to be seen as lacking anything. In fact, small homes are sometimes the most well considered, cosy and perfectly put together because every inch counts. Why not see if you can rise to the occasion and give your bijou home a revamp?

For more small space inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Ingenious Solutions For Small Kitchens. You have to start somewhere, so why not your kitchen? 

Are you tackling a small space with big ideas? Which of these will you try? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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