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Before and After: Dirty Disaster Goes Des Res

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There is something so very satisfying about seeing a house or flat receive a much needed makeover. This is especially true when it is all achieved within a tight budget. 

Here on homify, you are about to witness a flat transformed in a flash thanks to interior decorators from Toki. The talented team from South Korea have come up with plenty of clever ideas and money saving methods to create something fantastic for the very happy owners. 

The contrast between the before and after images is stark to say the least. Scroll down and see!

Before: Bland and unappealing

Our first photo shows how the living room looked a week before the makeover had begun. Our first impression of the place isn't at all positive since we can see a clothes rack sitting centre stage in what should be an area where people would gather and relax. Oddly, there are also fans placed at random within the space. 

Though misused at present, we can see that the room had potential since it's generous in size and naturally well lit.

Before: Cluttered mess

So, here is another grim picture from the other side of that living room and it looks like this corner space has been used as a dumping ground for old furniture, artwork and other unloved household items. 

The left hand corner seems to be some kind of area to prepare food but there is no more than a tiny space to place a pot or something that can then be quickly popped into the microwave. 

All in all, we imagine it would be rare for the owners to actually make use of this makeshift kitchen. 

After: New tricks

There would have been no point in taking the shoes off at the front door before the makeover had happened. In fact, there would have been little point in spending any free time in the flat at all considering how dreadful it all was. 

However, today things are different. With the help from the interior decorators, the owners have taken control over their dirty old flat and turned it into something great. Though you can't tell that well from the corresponding photo, things are very different now!

After: Gather around

Now this is a domain for the modern family! In our view is the new living room designed for gathering around and enjoying each other's company in front of the television. Drawing us to the space is the L-shaped sofa that boasts comfy pillows and a throw blanket for a genuine cosy feel. 

For those long nights on the sofa it's important for there to be a table at hand for the tea mugs and perhaps the large bags of crisps. This need is addressed by the simple but cool coffee table that looks to be of Scandinavian origin. 

After: A retro modern TV

Nights in front of the TV are a thing of joy so it's essential that one spends an adequate amount to ensure things are as perfect as they can be. Did you notice the retro inspired design for the television? The design has characteristics of an older model, such as the chunky switches and vintagestyle legs, but we can see that the flat screen itself is as slim as they come. 

Not everyone has the time to trawl online auctions or spend money at overpriced second-hand shops in search of a vintage piece but luckily there is an easier way. These days many furniture companies make pieces that are inspired by the past. A classic example is the TV stand in this picture. 

After: Pure white perfection

The kitchen looks attractive and modern but, above all, it is designed to be a hassle-free set up. The owners rarely have time to cook so the kitchen needed to meet their basic needs. 

The dining space beside in the kitchen isn't designed for long sit down meals but rather those quick morning snacks before work or a spot where one can easily and unashamedly tuck into a takeaway. 

After: Mirror mirror

To conclude this brilliant transformation project we are provided with a sneak peak inside the bedroom. So, what is it about this new look bedroom that helps make it perfect? Well, we think a crucial aspect of the design is way the decorators have kept things minimal and to the point. Neutral tones and subdued pieces come together in the perfect mix. 

Check out how the smooth white finish of the wardrobe creates a contemporary look for the space, while the full height mirror doors brings a sense of practicality to the design. 

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What did you enjoy most about this eye-opening before and after project? Leave a comment and let us know!

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