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8 tips for a stunning swimming pool design

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Location, location, location! Yes, we know this is a saying generally applied to properties, but it carries just as much weight when talking about adding a swimming pool. After all, if that pool is going to be as welcoming, sociable and soothing as you want it to be, a little proper planning needs to happen before you start considering pool prices. And part of that planning is figuring out the perfect spot for your new pool. 

In fact, let’s start with ‘location’, then proceed to seven more ideas that can help you accomplish the best swimming pool design and –placement of 2020! 

1. Consider the sun and shade

Don’t just willy-nilly point to a spot in your back yard and think it’s appropriate for a swimming pool. Are you aware of how the moving sun and shade will influence your planned pool? Are there any trees nearby which might mean fishing leaves out of your splash spot on a regular basis?

Get to know your back yard (or front, depending on where you want to place your pool) and how it changes throughout the day (and seasons). 

2. How about a water feature?

Love the sound of moving water to sooth your soul? Then perhaps a water feature, along with your new pool, is in order?

If your current budget doesn’t allow for fountains (or a bubbling pebble pool… ), simply ask your dealer (for a minimal cost) to pre-plumb your pool to accommodate a future water feature. 

3. What’s the best shape for a pool?

Rectangular shapes are most popular for pools as that shape tends to work better architecturally. Freeform shapes can be tricky to incorporate into a landscape, and don’t forget about pool covers, proper space for swimming laps, etc. 

Yet if a spa-like design is right up your alley (and you have the available legroom in your yard), then a round or curvy design might just work! 

4. Is an infinity edge worth it?

Any infinity-edge pool needs a proper setting, like a significant drop-off. But you also need to ensure that your infinity-edge design works well with other elements, maybe such as a fantastic view to enjoy while you’re floating or sunbathing? 

5. Adding a fire pit

In terms of outdoor socialising, a fire pit alongside a swimming pool is a classic choice. Most fire pits are designed with a 90 – 120 cm diameter, but it’s completely possible to opt for a design tailor-made design for your pool and yard. 

Just ensure it’s at least 3 m away from the water’s edge, especially if your new pool will be flaunting an automatic safety cover. 

6. The best materials for a pool deck

Practicality is the keyword here, as your deck or terrace material needs to remain at a comfortable temperature under that blazing sun. For a modern / contemporary design, stick to neutral shades like light-grey limestone or sandstone, or soft-tinted concrete- or precast pavers. Fortunately, the golden age of wooden decks are far from over, so chances are great that you’ll quickly settle on a proper deck design in terms of colour and pattern (grainy effect). 

homify hint: Look at that terrace material when it’s wet to properly judge its colour. 

7. The best colours for your pool

Swimming Pool Steps - Bespoke Aqua Platinum Projects Classic style pool
Aqua Platinum Projects

Swimming Pool Steps—Bespoke

Aqua Platinum Projects

There’s a world of colour options when it comes to swimming pools. Sure, you can stick with the proper Cerulean-coloured surfaces, or you can get super creative and play with different shades (i.e. opting for a light beach-coloured tint at the very shallow end of your pool, then going bluer and darker the deeper your pool gets). 

Be sure to speak to a proper professional in the pool-design industry to hear what your options are. 

8. Enjoying your private pool zone

Backyard socialising and privacy go hand in hand. And luckily there are various ways of styling up a yard that offers no privacy zones whatsoever.

Creatively placed evergreens, pergolas, lush foliage, higher walls / fences, and landscape mounds can easily add interest to a yard while also offering its residents (and guests) a bit of privacy from neighbours’ prying eyes. But ensure that you’ve properly planned for your swimming pool’s location (and size, and cost) before considering your yard’s privacy factors. 

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