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How To Choose The Right Trampoline Or Rebounder—The Best Hints And Tips

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A trampoline in the apartment or in the garden will entertain every child. In addition, it causes him to engage in physical activity, and this is a priceless benefit in today's internet times. Choosing the right product is no science. Consider the size of the trampoline or rebounder, safety parameters and the option to purchase accessories and spare parts.

Here are some important features to keep in mind when buying best trampoline:

Trampoline Size

The space where the best rebounder will be located must be large enough, as there must be at least one meter of free space around it. For trampolines to the garden or gym, you can afford a larger diameter, from about 305 cm. Conversely, for the youngest children, choose mini trampolines from a diameter of about 96 cm. Also consider who will be the main jumper. Large trampolines spring much more than smaller ones. So adult family members will also jump on them. In general, the larger the diameter, the more robust and harder the construction. For safety reasons, always purchase a safety net. Prevents the child from falling out of the jumping area dangerously. In the offer of sellers you can find cost-effective sets with accessories. Also keep in mind that the size of the trampoline does not equal the size of the jumping area. It is usually about 30 cm smaller.

Security And Certificates

You can assess safety according to the standards that the product meets. You can recognize the safety of the product by the materials used. The supporting structure should be strong and robust , ideally steel. Surface treatment of pipes with galvanization protects the frame from corrosion and extends its life.

Be sure to also focus on the number of support legs that ensure stability. As standard, the best rebounder has four or six standing legs. The advantage of products with four legs is that a protective net with eight bays can be placed on them. The legs should be U-shaped.

The jumping surface must be made of a special non-abrasive material, which has a smooth surface and does not cause abrasions, has high tensile strength and a memory effect this guarantees a longer life of the reflecting surface.

The safety net should be strong and durable with quality joints so that the child does not fall out with them. Double securing the entrance to the trampoline via the net will further increase the safety of your offspring. You can also secure the space under the trampoline with a lower safety net. Children and pets cannot enter this area.

Load Capacity And Quality Of Springs

Load capacity usually goes hand in hand with size. If you want to jump on a trampoline with your children, be sure to get a large trampoline with a diameter. Adherence to the maximum load will guarantee a longer service life of the springs, as they will be adequately stressed by their properties. It is also necessary to note the number of springs and the quality of the loops. The spring cover on the trampoline prevents the child's legs or hands from getting caught in the springs. The perimeter protective cushion should have a quality filling and thus resist UV radiation and other weather influences.

Accessories And Spare Parts For Trampolines

When buying the trampoline itself, be interested in the possibility of purchasing additional accessories and spare parts. Basic accessories for trampolines include a safety net, bottom net, steps, tarpaulin, trampoline tent and anchoring kit.