8 gardening tips for spring/summer 2020

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It’s safe to say that 2020 has not been going the way any of us envisioned. But that does not mean giving up on the important things in life, which (hopefully) includes keeping your living- and working zones as stylish and functional as possible. And that extends to one’s outdoor spaces as well, especially since spring and summer are both on their way (virus or not). 

Let’s take a look at 8 creative ways in which you can breathe new life into your garden and yard (and you don’t even have to hire a professional Gardener or Landscape Architect if you don’t want to). 

1. Clear up and out

Conservatory with Bronze Casement Windows on a Period Farmhouse Vale Garden Houses Classic style conservatory Wood Beige
Vale Garden Houses

Conservatory with Bronze Casement Windows on a Period Farmhouse

Vale Garden Houses

Firstly, you need to tackle that garden with a comprehensive sweep of the detritus and weeds that did their nasty little things throughout winter. Get rid of any surface debris (branches, leaves… ) before you start weeding. And ensure you get all the way down to those roots so that they don’t grow back (remember to get yourself a decent pair of gloves for safety’s sake). 

2. Strengthen your grass

Home Smth Co Front garden

Secondly, update your lawn for spring/summer by using a garden fork to aerate the grass. A weed killer is recommended to get rid of any broadleaf weeds and bindii (also known as lawnweed). 

Follow up this process (a few weeks later) with some lawn fertiliser to take care of any new weeds. 

3. Give your soil a second chance

That soil of yours is likely to be quite compact after the past few winter months, and for that we recommend a little organic matter such as compost or manure. If necessary, you may also want to add fertiliser to enhance your soil’s health.

4. Trim your old plants

Any of your trees, shrubs and plants that survived winter will need to be handled with great care (like removing leaves that have withered through the colder months). And remember that trimming those hedges will also encourage some new growth for the warmer months ahead. 

homify hint: Plants that bloom in summer need to be pruned in early spring, so don’t dawdle too long! 

5. Keep an eye out for pests

Modern Garden with a rustic twist Yorkshire Gardens Modern garden pergola,sleepers,raised bed
Yorkshire Gardens

Modern Garden with a rustic twist

Yorkshire Gardens

Warmer weather means that aphids (small sap-sucking insects) will be getting interested again in fresh plantings, especially vegetables. But be sure to also look out for psyllids, also known as plant lice. If need be, invest in a garden insecticide to keep those plants and flowers healthy and alive. 

6. Don’t forget about shade

Spring and summer will definitely bring back those hot days we all miss, and for those occasions you’re going to want something like awnings, a pergola, or a garden parasol. Which of these will best fit with your garden’s size (and gardening budget, of course)? 

7. Invest in proper lighting

Millbrook House Smarta Modern garden

Millbrook House


Fantasising about socialising in your garden looooong after the spring / summer sun has set? Then we recommend solar panel lights to liven up your garden after dark in an eco-friendly way! Or you can just drape some string lights across some tree branches (or a fence) to up your garden’s charm quickly and efficiently.  

8. Remember warmth and cosiness

Traditional Garden - Decked Seating Area and Vertical Wooden Screening Unique Landscapes Country style garden
Unique Landscapes

Traditional Garden—Decked Seating Area and Vertical Wooden Screening

Unique Landscapes

The odd cool evening will definitely make an appearance in the spring / summer months. So how about something cosy and inviting, like a fire pit, to ensure your garden remains trendy and practical? Or even just a comfy bench with some cushions and blankets? 

Speaking of getting that garden / yard ready, we have these 8 tips for a stunning swimming pool design if you’re interested…  

What else would you like to do to your garden to make it perfect for summer?

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