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Before and After: Condemned Space to Super Family Place

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REFORMA VIVIENDA Garmendia Cordero arquitectos Modern living room
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Faced with a decent sized space but absolutely no utilities or even basic finishes, what would you do? Would you shrug your shoulders and decide it was too much of a full on task or would you roll your sleeves up, hire an amazing architectural firm and set about creating your dream home, from the ground up?

Thankfully for us today's project is one that was created out of dreams. Shabby, run down and almost dilapidated rooms have been seemingly effortlessly transformed into beautiful spaces fit for even the most discerning residents.

Don't just take our word for it though, let's take a look!

Before: Potentially promising

We imagine that Garmendia Cordero Architects were excited by the prospect of this challenge, while the owners must have been a little dumbfounded as to where to begin. But that's why, when you're creating your perfect home, you bring in the very best team.

What the design team saw here was lashings of blank canvas space, original beams that could be kept, a stunning balcony and so much potential that it seeped out of every corner. Thank goodness they did because we don't know if we would have been so optimistic.

After: Luxurious living

Well, of course we see the potential now! Would you just look at what a terrific transformation has taken place. It's ok to admit that you couldn't picture how the shabby former incarnation could ever look this good. We were unsure, too!

Clean lines, some original features, like the beam, and a sensitive touch with the decorating has made this a dreamy living room that we love. We can only imagine how pleased the owners must have been!

Before: Nightmare room

Let's be frank. What on earth could you possibly hope to do with a space like this? Yes, it's roomy but wouldn't you feel overwhelmed by the seeming hopelessness of this task? Where would you even begin?

Structural elements that look like they have a great deal of damage, missing walls and no discernible floor are making this a project that isn't for the faint-hearted. Luckily, the design team is made of sturdy stuff!

After: Bedroom bliss

Nope, we are calling this one as a lie! Only joking, but you see our point. How could this bright, beautiful and wonderful space actually have been created in that dark, run down disaster zone? It's witchcraft!

This bedroom is everything we love in interior design terms and knowing it has been crafted from absolute ruin makes it all the more special and fantastic. That minimalist décor is amazing, too.

Before: Turn away

Imagine coming face-to-face with a hallway that looked like this. You'd have to pinch yourself to make sure you weren't having a Shining style nightmare. Even Stephen King would struggle to create something like this though. What a horrid space!

Narrow, disjointed and oddly dark, this is the first thing we would want to change up if this was our home or we'd just run away and assume the whole house was haunted.

After: Home heaven

We'll give you a minute to take another look and do a double take  as this might be the most dramatic transformation of them all. Gone is the long stretch of scary corridor and in its place now stands this testament to modern design and perfect style.

Don't you find it a little odd that even though the space is technically darker, having been painted black, it looks brighter and more welcoming than it did formerly? That's sealed our conclusion that this home has been totally updated and renovated with the help of magic!

For more amazing transformation inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: The Unrecognisable Terrace Transformation. You won't believe your eyes!

Were you as astounded by this project as we were? Could you imagine living here? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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