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Ready To Give Your Home A New Look For Summer 2020?

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Summer is just around the corner, and there’s never been a better time to give your home a whole new look. If you’re looking for inspiration for your makeover there are some fantastic trends that may give you the boost you need. 

The Japandi Trend

Never heard of the Japandi trend? That isn’t too surprising since it’s a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s no less a fantastic look for your home. It’s a fusion-style that combines all of the mindfulness we associate with Scandinavian Hygge with the simple and beautiful aesthetics of the Japanese principles of wabi-sabi. The result is an idyllic and peaceful oasis that injects a fresh and calm approach into your space. 

How do you achieve Japandi style?

The key is to opt for a muted and neutral color palette paired with calming shades of light pink, sage green, and pale blue along with richer accents of teal and charcoal. By pairing natural materials with clean lines, this trend exudes feminine, effortless elegance in any room of the home for a minimalistic and uncluttered style that affords a calming vibe.

Choose elegant statement pieces that are sophisticated yet functional – stone vases, bamboo furniture, statement chairs, and floral decorations all form key components of this trend, with a spring of Japanese cherry blossom to tie the look together.

The Wicker and Rattan Revival

Wicker and rattan may have had their heyday in the 1970s, but 2020 has seen it re-emerge with a vengeance. Major retailers of inclusive home décor solutions have been increasingly stocking an array of beautiful benches, chairs, baskets, and lampshades using these natural materials. Thanks to the natural textural style and color, it’s easy to see why the demand for these pieces is so high. 

The wicker and rattan furnishings and accessories on sale today bring a modern twist to Bohemian décor that creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. The neutral palette established the perfect foundation on which to mix and match textures and fabrics and to create layers that add more depth to any space in the home. 

The Grandmillenial Look

The result of a mash-up of two generations, the Grandmillenial look takes the contemporary and simple aesthetic craved by the Millennial generation and pairs it with the nostalgic glamor of the art-deco age. Marrying 1920s vintage with 2020’s minimalism, this style combines floral prints, tassels, and matching patterns with modern lighting and contemporary artwork.You can get the look by choosing cushions, furniture, and wallpaper that has similar, but slightly different patterns. Add a mix of patterns with contemporary features and you’ll be rocking grandmother-glamor chic.

Warehouse Luxury

The industrial look has long been popular in the world of home interiors but in Summer 2020, exposed brick and concrete aren’t just for minimalist-lovers any more. This year’s trend has moved away from rustic industrial chic and has introduced luxurious elements for a warehouse luxury aesthetic. X-framed furniture, clean lines, and angled legs on a metal backdrop, and natural stone and wood can all be combined with homely elements like pottery, artisan textiles, greenery, soft lighting, rounded shapes and velvet to warm the space and detract from the industrial rawness.

Giving Your Home A Summer Makeover

Hopefully, you’ve been inspired by one of these trends to give your home a new and beautiful look for this Summer season. Whether you love natural materials, industrial-chic or minimalistic style, you’re sure to find 2020 home décor solutions to bring you the inspiration you seek. 

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