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Today on homify we invite you to take a special journey to the Portuguese countryside where a cute new home has been created. Local experts Samf Architects completed the home on behalf of their client: a caretaker of local national park who desired a suitable dwelling to see out his retirement. 

From the beginning it was incredibly important to the caretaker for his future home to be at one with the historic village and natural setting. Samf Architects were the perfect firm for the job having overseen hundreds of local projects and specialising in traditional Portuguese architecture and authentic interior decorating.  

So, without further ado let's begin checking out the home and its amazing location!

A warm welcome

Portuguese homes are always a joy to explore, especially those situated in the countryside. These rural properties seem to be so much more authentic and characterful compared to those found within the urban centres. 

Just as we had imagined, the new home that stands today epitomises everything we love about this type of house. Built over 70sqm, the modest sized home may look like your everyday farmhouse but this little place is brimming with character and smart design. 

The architecture is a reinterpretation of a vernacular typology, having been composed of simple volumes set at a right angle against the stone wall of the terraces. The entrance is set back inside a porch, framing the views over the vineyard and a river in the distance. 

Shaped by the land

This image reveals how the rugged landscape and surrounding village has shaped the design of the home. Villages such as these often have their own unique planning rules that allow for a continuation of the traditional building designs and urban characteristics. Notice how the structure has been built right up to the border of the plot and the narrow street, below. 

The simple design and honest material palette are the main reasons behind this home's success. The materials used are a continuation of the ones already existing in the neighbouring farm: white rendered stucco, ceramic roof tiles, stone walls, wooden trellis and remaining carpentry are painted a deep blue. This shade of blue can be spotted on most of the houses in the village. 

No better place to be

The home stands within an idyllic setting in the world where very few would have had the chance to venture. If we turn our backs on the house we are able to see the seemingly endless rows of vineyards, the historic village to the side and take in the breathtaking views of the valley beyond.  

Vines on the doorstep

A sole timber bench for the porch is all one needs when there are views such as these. Whether it is the during the morning with a mug of coffee in hand or in the evening with a glass of wine, this porch is always well used.  

The rustic simplicity to the porch entrance emphasises the beauty of the architecture while also subconsciously preparing us for what is to come inside.

Authentic interiors

Inside, the architects sought to make the spaces coincide with the outside form, with the simplest possible division and no transitional or circulation spaces. The backdrop to the interior design of this home is modern and clean but it's the furnishings and finishes that make it so authentically Portuguese. 

The amount of furniture found inside the space is minimal but those here have a strong presence against the traditional backdrop. For example, the oversized hanging lamp above the grand timber dining table. 

A shade of blue

The kitchen presents a surprising scene where traditional elements meet a certain minimalist inspiration. Check out those striking cabinets, which are completely seamless in their design. Just like the we saw on the façade, we see the same shade of blue utilised for the cupboards and drawers.

Bringing the classic look to the kitchen is the granite working surfaces, which have a unique fusion of whites and deep blues. 

A glass of red by the fire

The living room makes for the perfect conclusion of our tour of this authentic rural home. It is a coveted setting where the owner retreats to every evening after a long day of work.

Finding solace beside the warm flames of the woodburner during the evening is always special for the owner, especially with a good book in hand and a glass of wine resting beside. 

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What a fascinating insight into rural Portuguese homes! What was the home's highlight for you? Let us know in the comments!

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