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戸手本町の家(リフォーム), アトリエ スピノザ アトリエ スピノザ Scandinavian style houses
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On the rare occasions where we gain access to the personal home of an architect we know we are in for something really special. When designing their own homes, the architects are no longer constrained by the needs of a client or negatively influenced by other sources. They are in complete control. 

In this instance we are privileged to be able to take a full tour of the home from the lead architect behind the architecture firm Artilier Spinoza. The architect's bold interpretation of Japanese architecture and modern building techniques is as innovative as it gets with each room in the home having its own distinct style. 

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A prime allotment

The architect had the foresight to purchase this prominent residential site a few years ago. With only a few other homes sharing a prime north facing position, it was almost too perfect of an opportunity to turn down. 

Surrounded by other small to medium size dwellings close to the site, the architect had to coordinate the design of the home to ensure that the privacy of the neighbours and his own family wouldn't be compromised. The considerations also included the bulk and shape of the building to ensure that the rear courtyard would have access to natural light during the day. 

The design of the building is influenced by Asian minimalism, featuring clean lines and minimal design details. The soft hues of the render and naturally stained timber mark for an impressive façade. 

Making an exciting start

A wide entrance hallway marks an exciting beginning to the tour inside. Diverse wooden tones and traditional objects add a sense of character to the contemporary designed house, while the classic elements of Japanese design are present throughout every room. 

Those exposed timber beams along with the custom crafted wooden door at the end of the corridor show off the natural appeal of the design. 

A Japanese garden

The architects have followed the principles of Japanese gardening to a tee in the creation of this beautiful indoor garden. This gardens is a genuine work of art with its immaculate perfectly poised selection of plants. We can see the owners always set aside the time to prune the delicate trees and maintain the strict gravel organising. 

The great aspect of this Japanese garden is that it will change over time as the owners dedicate their efforts towards its creation. 

Inspired by nature

The garden is a constant source of inspiration for those working by the desks in the study. Their view is solely upon the garden, which can be viewed through the windows that were positioned at eye-line in front of the desk.

During the day the working space is lit naturally via the incoming sunlight, while at night a focused spotlight takes over.

A space for personal reflection

A monochrome palette is a fantastic choice for rooms where relaxation is the intention. This house hosts a Tatami room, which is a speciality of Japanese homes.

Tatami rooms are spaces dedicated towards relaxation and personal reflection. The design of this type of room should always be simple and non intrusive. Notice how the design of this space is focused upon the architecture rather than the decorative items within.

Clad in chip board

To finish our tour we find ourselves inside a truly iconic room within this Japanese wonder. All the walls and even the ceilings have been clad in large boards of timber, making for an out-of-this-world sense for those within. 

The timber clad surfaces are orientated strand board, which is a trending material choice for 2016 due to its durability and diverse qualities. The look of the timber in partnership with the internal architecture makes this room a fitting conclusion to our look around. 

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Were you a fan of this Japanese home? Perhaps it wasn't to your taste? Either way, we'd love to hear your thoughts, below!

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