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From Lelystad (the Netherlands) comes today’s newest design inspiration. That is where the professionals of Pure & Original, a Dutch family business and premium paint company, are located.

Best known for its original mineral paints, Pure & Original is firmly committed to first-rate results for clients’ projects, whether that includes repainting an entire house from scratch or simply doing some touch-ups here and there. But aside from customer satisfaction, another factor sets Pure & Original apart from competitors: its vibrant collection of paint colours. From jewel tints and earth tones to elegant natural colours, the options presented to clients simply don’t compare to traditional paints made from synthetic colour pigments. 

For their 2020 collection, Pure & Original collaborated (for the third time, no less) with colour designer Dagny Thurmann-Moe of KOI Color Studio in Oslo, Norway. The talents of Siri Zanelli of London's architectural firm Collective Works were also brought onboard to kick things up a stylish notch or two. 

These are the results:

Gorgeous in green

A dramatic dark(ish) green creatively styles up these bedroom walls. With a cooler (and more natural) vibe than your done-to-death whites and beige's, this green ensures a bold look for a space. 

Just be creative with your furnishings and décor to ensure that new paint colour doesn’t cause too much of a colour clash! 

A collection of colours

From the private bedroom to the less private hallway, but even here Pure & Original has ensured strong style for these interiors by combining various tints of their 2020 collection: Those stairs flaunt the Black Hills Carazzo universal lacquer, and the green walls have been boosted up via the Green Room Marrakech Walls. And that ceiling with its cheery yellow? That’s actually the Sea Moss Classico chalk paint that superbly complements the rest of this space’s colour palette. 

A warmer tint

Speaking of yellow, it’s right here in the charming living room! Colouring in the focal wall behind the sofa, this friendly Hop Classico chalk paint also spreads up into the ceiling, delightfully enhancing that rich, textured look of the exposed brick. 

On to the kitchen

What could be better than a warm, welcoming vibe for the heart of this home? A delightful yellow (Hop Classico) impresses us with its inviting glow while beautifully linking up with the warm hues (and rich textures) of the timber finishes. 

And what about the other colours deserving credit for adding to this space’s energetic look? Well, Olive Drab Licetto is the name of the moss-like green cladding up the walls on the left-hand entrance, while Green Room Marrakech Walls has been used on the right-hand one. 

For the nursery

Need some inspiration for a nursery, child’s room, or even another room requiring a light-yet-intriguing colour palette? How does this example grab you? 

Mauve Love Classico has been splashed on the walls and ceiling for a lilac-like vibe, while Mauve Love Traditional Paint takes care of the window frame and radiator (notice how there’s a slight colour difference between these surfaces?).

As for the walls, don’t you agree that the Sea Moss Traditional Paint contrasts so strikingly with the softer, feminine tones of the purples? 

A golden door

Who said a door needs to have the same colour on both sides? Certainly not us, which is why we are so inspired by these double doors flaunting a vibrantly sunny Old Ocre Traditional Paint on the one side, and lilac Soft Greek Traditional Paint on the other. 

It’s not girly, it’s gorgeous

Gone are the days (thankfully) when colours like pinks and purples were labelled as “girl colours”. It’s 2020, meaning nobody can point to this relaxing reading room / study with its dusty pink walls (that’s actually Soft Flamingo Classico) and lavender-like window frame (Soft Greek Traditional Paint at your service). 

However, our favourite piece in here has to be that timber bench filling up the bottom part of the bay window. Are there maybe some built-in storage compartments we’re not seeing? Are there more scatter cushions to be added to ensure a plush lounging / reading spot? Who cares? We can already see ourselves getting lost in a good book in here thanks to first-rate furnishings, accessories and, obviously, colour palettes.

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